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* jenso

* jenso

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Star Nibelhiem join
Heya im tifa lockhart/jenso. Nd dis 4 My buds!
Heya people! Dis is 4 all my gorgeus buds! Love u guys! Becoz i love u so much. I wana show da rest of my oda buds ur specialties! O nd if any1 else want 2 join.dis juz aint 4 side line chat.u beta bud us! So il make dis public group! Love tifa lockhart !

* Groups Joined:

Star Prodigits join
Prodigits members, discuss about Prodigits here
Suggest a new feature, report problems, announce new relationships you've made through Prodigits :)

Star BiGirls join
Bis*xual girls worldwide

Star Anime-Tones join
The place where u can download or upload ur favourite anime ringtones.
The place where u can download or upload ur favourite anime ringtones.

Star One4all join
Kickass SOUTH-AFRICA! (Under 19's)
This is chat made expecialy 4 all the chicks and guys under 19 from kickass SOUTH-AFRICA! This chat may NEVA b asleep or emty. So lets keep it going! ANY TOPIC, ANY TIME! Be a SOUTH AFRICAN! peace! Mwah!

Star DeadlyKisses join
Every Kind of Rocker Welcome....
The perfect group for Self Mutilators, GOTHS, punks, HEADBANGERS, and hell even emokids! Feel free to become a groupie!

Star Naruto-fans join
A group for Naruto fans

Star Final0fantasy join
For final fantasy lovers
For hints and tips on final fantasy, come here jus to chat about the games its self or help others its all up to you, got any tips , plz inbox them to me, so you can help other x

Star Poke-world join
4 all u die-hard Pokemon fans
Ok well this group is 4 u Pokemon game fans!

Star Bleach join
This is a group 4 all the bleach anime fans
To put it in short were all about bleach, The fans and freaks belong here.

Star gamers2pc join
Must be a pure gamer
Join my group but u must be a gamer!

Star CHiNa join
...===>Ni ha0:).welcOme 2 ..:*chinA toWN*:..Pls feEL frEE 2 loOk aRouND ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... :):):)

Star FF-GALS join
4 girls who play final fantasy!
if there r ny gals in pro that play the final fantasy series its a gd idea 2 join the group. evry1 is equal there is no leader. so whos up 4 it?

Star Exodus join
Down 4 wateva
Open minded people only

Star AnimeLovers join
Anime Anime Anime.. Talk about or get advice on games.. Or any Anime series.. Apply within..

Star akatsuki join
a chat group about everyones favorite naruto villains
tell us where to find pictures etc

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