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* cerberus611

* cerberus611 31 M

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Feel free to share your PlayStation and Xbox, or any other platform,e in-game screenshots!
Message me for gamer ID.

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Share your PS in-game screenshots.
Feel free (good) messaging me for gamer ID.

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Plug in those Earphones and hike up that volume. all your favorite songs are Here... Enjoy the group!

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Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and the family
Mario, Kart, New, Tennis, Golf, Luigi, Mansion, Dark, Moon, Bowser, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Poochy, Zelda, Link, Ganon, Ganondorf, Ocarina, Majora, Pokemon, Ultra, Sun, Pikachu, Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Explorers, Kirby, Triple Deluxe, Robobot, Mega Man, Legacy Colletion, Fire Emblem, Fates, Echoes, Awakening, Hyrule, Warriors, Tales of, Etrian Odyssey, Untold, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, 7th Dragon, Shin Megami Tensei, Metroid, Samus, Prime, Resident Evil, Angry Birds, Super Smash Bros, Rogu...

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Video Games : RPG : Contrary to popular belief, fresh content (2013) : Quality links : Downloads later (no piracy)
Contrary to popular belief, fresh content. (Echo)

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Nintendo Switch (echo)
Mario, Zelda etc.

Christianity Explained in an easy to understand way. *Grace, Love, Peace and Fellowship* Who is this King of Glory? His Name is JESUS CHRIST The Name above all other Names
Revelation21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and their will no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things have passed away.

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Full MP3 tracks and ringtones
Free mobile MP3 music files less than 1M

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Post your 3DS friend codes and your community codes for others to join.

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I'd like to meet people from small Russian towns and large cities (and not only Russian ones) in order to know their native places better and via our communication to get stroger motivations for learning languages of my interest.
In London there's Poets' corner in a park. Why won't we have such a place here devoted to our favourite songs? When you can't speak any foreign language, you are able to feel complete satisfaction and the peace of mind while listening to a nice melody accomponied by words and how about understanding the words? It's much better if you learn them by heart. You can compose another version of the song for singing it with friends, can't you? Let's join in singing the same songs using the same words. ...

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Random tech stuff straight from the ba t
Random tech stuff straight from the ba t

Star stargames join
All-games version of the runestar group
Any games that do not fit the theme of runestar RPG group :3

Star MyPics2000 join
My Pics
My Pics

Star PiNkiLiCioUsChAtTeRz join
Come join, add ya pix n do da poll thngs :D
Come join my group theres pix of me but under birmz88 lol i couldnt upload so he pt em up if ya wondering pmpl, do the pollz n get ta knw l0l *1*

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Free Web Graphics!

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Tiny group about anime
Tiny group about anime now, big one later ?

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