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* sisfreak2017

* sisfreak2017 49 M

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Star SissysDollys join
Just fkin dolls thats all , Aye no fkin them mind!
I have 3 older sister's, so you can perhaps guess some my toys as a child , i appreciate dolls i dont own them they just (cough) images off the interweb thing.If ive stolen yours please fo tell me and i shall give it you back.

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Star SpaceWatch join
Watch this space!
A group for all stargazers, astronomers, astrophysicists, Jedi and all dark matters, boom boom! A little physics joke there, just to set the mood! Quantum theorists welcome, ufo conspiracy theorists not as much (meteorite)!

Star Potatoes join

Star Cakes join
Oh man I love the Cake!!!

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