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* abubakarkhaan00

* abubakarkhaan00 27 M

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Star PUREbuddisum join
About pure buddisum
U can got knowldge about pure buddisum

Star newhopechurch join
everybody will feel welcomed.
This is where we talk about love ones and problems that we all can pray for and talk in this church. Make yourself at home, god bless.

Star sxycurtisandmates join

Star Insight join
Insight to Judaism
Apparently not many people are clued up on Judaism, so I'm hoping that this might provide a summarised insight on the religion

Star player8artofmagic join
magic n more
help people with speels and more. dragon are the main creacher here

Star Wiccan join
Magikal minded ppl
Just to exchange handy tips n info best places to get sum ect

Star ESNGROUP join
Learning Facility
Increase knowledge and skills through discussing different materials and subjects

Star Biladspics join
My pics

Star Time-travel join
Teach me time travel please...
I need to find out about myself.when i was kid i saw myself! An older version,weird but um thats nt it...i need to knw what happnd in my childhood that effects my life nw.its dis sumting but me dnt knw what....????

Star Thoughts join
My Life,My Choice
My life,my choice,my rules.Live life ,judge less.Do what makes you happy.What others think of you is not your business!

Need of the time
Invitation to all intrested persons who want to do some to make this world crime free and other social evils of our socity to help the mankind

Star Gananamgrup join
Who is loyale and honest maybe u.

Star menmybudys join
all welcome

Star amakvita join
Follow all blog up to date
Share your idea, unleash your thoughts, express your feelings, unfold your desire.

Star ItsAllAboutU-n- join
Together we will do better n make a difference ...
Let come together n share our experience in our religion, n our belief ...As the saying goes experience is the best teacher .. Together we will learn from each other n gets to know each others belief ....

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