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* salilu

* salilu 19 M

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Star AllahuAkbar join
Glory to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala
Islam is best gift 4 all mankind!! Join us& unite our ummah!!

Star ITCWOL join
Islam The Complete WayOf Life.
There Is No Better Way To Honour The Prophet Muhammad PBUH Other Than By Following His Sunnah And Teachings, To Carry On The Message In Action.

Star 4HEAVEN join
JOIN..I HOPE You'll LIKE this group and ENJOY..IN SHAA' ALLAH

Star Tauhid join
Belajar Tauhid
Kumpulan orang yang menuntut ilmu akhirat

Star friendship join
people who want to make new friends
this is for people who want to find a new friend or just gain a strong friendship wiv new people

Star airtel-by-gtalk join
This is a technical and Logical group !.*i am rahul sharma a 23 year engineer from punjab* ...enjoy ur stay here.
we can talk abt airtel GPRS in all aspact wap/web sites!...etc...and we hav to discus about lots of things !...u understand na !....and thiss all for u FREE of cost

Star bMobile join
Cable and Wireless Gprs, mms and system settings found here
Add a setting of your own or request settings

meet facebook friends here in prodigits and if you need a facebook friends you can easily find them here
meet facebook friends here and find all facebook users here

Star Bloodboaz join
just fytng againest poverty join us

Star FanOfIslam join
who is fan of islam?come and join it.share ur comment with frndr.ok
who is fan of islam?pls come and join it.share ur comment with frnds.ok?

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