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Star Consumergroup join
Forum for pros and cons of goods like household goods, cars, PC, mobiles etc. also advice on how to deal with bailiffs and tv licensing.
You had problems with mobiles pc or household appliances Cars etc? share in here whether good or bad. what's good? what to steer clear of.

Star cornishpiskey join
Pics of myself cats and Kernow. Unless I known u for a long time, random reqs get banned xx
This group is about the duchy of cornwall (Kernow). will upload some pictures soon.

Star polydactylcats join
mainly for polydactyl and ectrodactyl cat slaves but all welcome
Are you a crazy cat lady/slave? This group is for you, especially for polydactyl and ectrodactyl cats. Polydactyls have 6-7 toes ectrodactyl cats have 3 toes.

Star sacredskinart join
tattooes and piercings
Ru a work of art? Prefer body art to paintings? Then join here and upload. In respect of prodigits pics of genital tats and piercings will be rejected.

Star karldenvertrio join
for fans and newbies
Karl Denver Kevin Neil Gerry Cotrell (Keith Elliot from 1979) were a household name in the early 60s. Karl a 5' 6 glaswegian had a unique voice which range from dark baritone to a strident yodel. Although Karls favourite genre was country he sang many genres. His biggest hit was wimoweh. He was also the first to air the beatles on his radio show side by side and inspired the happy mondays to which he did a duet

Star Disabilityforum join
For disability issues
This group is for people like myself who are disabled, or you're a carer or in the medical or social care

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