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* mrtema

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Star mYschool-politics join
(welcome) to my group here u can ?,know. and enjoy ??school life with student topics and. vote for politician ?u like?
My groug has alot of my pics my cousin pcs and one and only of IMRAN KHAN our lion of our city MIANWALI.Here my group has more than 20 topicr 30 plus files 10 plus poles and 25 plus fotos.u are most (welcome) to join my group.have some fun here with funny topics and poles related to studnts and join .

Star ScientistClub join
Chemistry, Biology, PHYSIC: electronics, wireless, internet...everything in science and mathematics. WE ARE THE WORLD
this group allows you to discuss your difficult topics, ask questions and solve questions under science and maths

Star nOvElrEaDeRs join
For people who enjoyed reading novels as past time
When u read a nove & u want to share ur idea then ds is d rite place to do so. i love to read gud books pls join me

Star Mathclub join
You think you are a genius when it comes 2 math then come on in, you have trouble with a math prob leave it here nd let the pros do it,you want to learn mo about maths then you are in the right place,you are free to ask,solve nd bring que.
Math club is a club for people who want 2 improve in math or want people to solve their que,this club has no restrictions as long math is in mind,high school nd primary students are most welcome

Star IRAN join
You hear about Iran in news everyday. But is that the whole truth?
Iran (formerly called Persia) is located in Middle East. Iran's neighbouring countries are : Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey.[br] Iranians speak Persian(Farsi)[br] Iran was ruled by Shah(King) until a revolution took place in 1979. It was meant to be a step forward but cunning Mullahs (Islamic Leaders) turned it to an Islamic movement that led to an Islamic Republic and took Iran back to Middle ages! Mullahs have killed 1000s (and are still killing), mos...

Star Biology join
A room where biologists profer lasting solutions to problems through chatting

Star WebLinks join
Best of web url's
Just 1st Class links for all sort's of Download's, Info and many various Sort of Site's

Star Dictionary join
English to hindi and hindi to english Dictionary
Dictionary which helps every student.

Star friendsmore join
make new friends
a u need new friendsjoin with us nowmeet new frinds arund the world


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