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Do othrs see JESUS in you??
The testimony of our lives can give us opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.come lets share OUR CHRISTS LOVE!

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We are living in the Endtimes. EVERYONE welcome. Christians and non-christians. We have a variety of topics including Group chat, Word games and a Bible Quiz!. Files to download!!Pics, music, videos and more. Links to variety of sites. Daily Updates!
For questions and answers, everthing one needs to know about the last days, the rapture, the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and Armageddon.

For born again CHRISTIAN'S and anyone who wants to learn about God. We welcome those who come in search of knowledge of our Lord and Saviour! Links to ringtones,Bible study, pics,wallpapers,music,other christian sites,daily Bible Quiz
If you love the Lord or even if your just curious about what it means to be born again please join in! This group is not the place to argue or be disruptive.It is here to glorify and praise God,share His love with a lost and dying world and increase our understanding of the Bible. All who come in peace welcome here !

Star Teenaged join
First group on pro with sMs Updates service ** ALL phone codes, directory, Game cheats, free GPRS, MCA, HT and other Wap tricks, Browsers, Prodigits bookmark n other apps, Useful links .::Join NOW::. No AGE limitation! [Updating Weekly]
Disclaimer: Tips and Tricks found in teenaged are just for knowledge purpose. We provide best info and knowledge, please don't misuse! Enjoy our tricks, ask anything you need and To get daily tricks by sms for free type ''On Hack4mer'' (without quotes) and send it to 9870807070.

Star TheLightHouse join
This is a non-denominational and interactive group, open to Christians and non-christians. Come in and help to keep the flame alive by becoming Torchbearers of Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the Light of this world. Let us be lightbearers who shine with Jesus Christ into this dark world.

Star prayer-chain join
a place for u too leave prayer requests and have ppl all over pray over u and u to pray over others
a place for u too leave prayer requests and have people from all over the globe pray for u and u to pray over others in need of prayer

Star OnlineBible-Study join
_Accurate knowledge leads to everlasting life. (1Ti 2:3,4;John 17:3) I'm inviting you to join our bible-study. Here, you will find the answers to life's big questions: WHO REALLY IS GOD? HOW CAN YOU FIND THE TRUE RELIGION? WHAT IS GOD'S KINGDOM? And more!
Please accept also my invitation to visit us at our local Kingdom Hall. See how our meetings are conducted. See how we endeavor to share with others the good news of a paradise earth under Christ's Kingdom. God has promised it. 'There are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell.'(2 Pe 3:13) Many centuries have passed. The waiting period approaches its end. World conditions signify this. So what should we do before the end ...

Star Youth join
Group 4 teens who r radical 4 Christ

Star lonesome join

Star Mercy join
Come share your thoughts on God.
Just a place, where u can share yr doubts fears and anything u might wanna ask but always afraid too! For fear of judgement. Need someone just to listen, or give some blessed advice, this is a place for you.

Star Stocking-group join
A place to share fantasies, stories & pics of stockings
Stockings, the most s*xy piece of lingerie. Whether with a suspender belt, or hold-ups, the sight of a stocking top can never fail to arouse. This group is a place to share all stockings related matters. If you wear, female or male, your partner wears or you simply love stockings, come in & start chatting.

Star TheBible join
To invite people to write bible verses.

Star Saints join
R u Radical for God? Then u have to join this group.
God is Awesome. Jesus is lord. Get christian downloads here! And loads more Christian sites. Bible online and other cool teen Christian sites. God bless u all.

Star PowerofHolyRosary join
The Rosary is the most excellent form of prayer and the most efficacious means of obtaining ETERNAL LIFE.It is the remedy for all our evils,the ROOT of all our BLESSINGS.There is no more excellent way of praying.By Pope Leo
Many saints have recommended the Rosary as a Powerful Prayer.There is nothing that the Virgin Mary asks from the Holy Trinity that she can't get.Pope John saidBeside the Liturgical Masses Rosary is the most Powerful Prayer Miracles have been reported after few weeks of praying the Rosary.Blessed Bartolo Longo turned to God from being a satanic priest.The Fatima miracle,Mother Theresa and many more.Satan fights by hiding the trueth of God.Forget what many say .In silense,ask Jesus to teach you ab...

Any member of dis group wil choose his or her option questions 2 answer 1 question rightly that means you have 2 points. If you wil reach 10 000 points by 31 days us members we wil sent some small gift to the winer through post office in ur cntry.
Notice after 31 days all points will be deleted that means u as amember u have 2 start again. So harry harry 2 be asked more question b4 the 31 days and get 10 000 points then us members we shld send you a gift. Bt please take it sealiously with this group be faithful, trustworthy, and God believer.

Star Testimony-Time join
Be a blessing to someone's life by sharing your testimony. It may be just what they need to hear so that they can keep having faith. So dont keep it to yourself, remember, if we show appreciation to God, he'll surely do more!
In a world like the one we live in today, testimonies go a long way in strenghtening one's faith. Your story might be just what other people need to hear. And, remember the 10 lepers in luke 17 vs 12-19, only one came back to thank Jesus, so use this opportunity to bless God.YOU ARE WELCOME!

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