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Ssssshhhhhhh..... STRICTLY those who dont like Love, Romance, Fun, Love-making, (+18) - NEED NOT Join this group.......... DECENT LOVE GROUP FOR DISCUSSING ABT ROMANCE n LOVE-MAKING...... JUST JOIN TO KNOW MORE HEAVENLY THINGS ABT TRUE LOVE :)
c*m on Friendss.. Its a group you can share ur Feelingz of Love, Tears, Poems, Quotes etc etc in a vry Decent way!!! **GROUP IS UPDATED DAILY**..... MmMmMwAhh....

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Prodigits members, discuss about Prodigits here
Suggest a new feature, report problems, announce new relationships you've made through Prodigits :)

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Stuffs that make you happy..
Tips for keeping health good,looking stylish,getting a fashionable lifestyle,wap tricks,friendship and family and love tips,jokes,shayari,rajnikant pj,frndship msg,love and friendship msgs,wallpapers,calender,gossips,gifts and much more for you...

Star Airtel-Users join
Welc*m all Free Airtel Users.

Star Job-hunt join
Are u searching for job?
Then u have come to right group. U can find thousands of jobs from our group. Finding interesting? Then join dis group now and get jobs on tip of ur fingure.

Star Chatnmakefriends join
Ev1 needs sm1 2 lean on also bring ur love issues we might b able 2 help you
Its ev1 dream 2 have a real friend no matter the race,religion or distance. U NEVER KNOW UR SWITHEART MIGHT B HIA

Star Pro-Indians join
Hello! Group is about India, Indians and their relation with twilightwap, having many amazing and interesting facts about India inside, wich will make you feel proud to be an Indian. Other country members are also welcome to share their views about India.
All about india, indians on wap and Amazing facts of india. On NET what we do makes the same reputation of india in eyes of other nations, and most of us know we not doing very well here on the wap. its Time to Change and have a new revolution inside our heart, afterall WE LOVE OUR INDIA AND THE WHOLE WORLD!

Star Christianvision join
A group that wil handle all spiritual issues about the kingdom of God
This is a group that wil evengilise sinners,teach believers and equip disciples.

Star siddharth join
Upload ur atleast 1 pic on here
Here u can add quotes,Pics,Topic,Polls anything,if u turn into bad and i'll gng ban u

Star america join
usa :)

Star MyphotoCollection join
The Pictures of my Collection from all around the World.
Its a Group about the Collection of My Pictures. You can also upload your Pictures here.


Star Internet-income join
Hello are u tired of being broke or working for sm1 else then this is an opportunity for you to make a lifetime earnings at the comfort of your home
There are many ways to make money on the internet but the problem many people are having about starting a home business is that they dont know how to start because they dont have a mentor to help them and that's why am here to lead you through the world of online earnings join my group for more help also visit this link and register for a free account make sure u register through this link cause that wil bring u into my progeny.inbox me after u register

Star The-Inspirations join
A group that inspires by giving tips and facts about life through friendship and fun.
Get Inpired to move on in life being godly life, love life or social life. come get the tips. This is a room of Inspiring, Friendship and Fun. Inside here, be inspired by a friend. Let somebody look at you and be able to move on. Let your life inspired somebody. Never show the hurt inside. The ability to smile on the outside when you feel dying inside is the absolute strenght, wish you have one. Yea! join and develop that quality.

Star Make-Money-For-Free join
How to make real money wherever you are without depositing a penny
Join this group now and learn how to become a real millionaire without any crime. How wonderful, just Join now!

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