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Star Simply-black join
If You're black,or really like black people!
Don't come here to cause grief and be racist cos that will just highlight the fact that You're such a sad monkey

A group desight 2bring us as a christian 2getha in our quest 2share nd meet @dfrent places of our choice 4d glory of GOD.Evry1 is welcome 2join.LOVE U ALL.
Dis is a group 4u wu want 2enjoy lyf in a christian way nd we thot wit d involvemnt of u,it'l grow as xpectd.Usualy it brings as 2getha in dfrent places nd mainly places wev nt bn 2so as xplore d body,spirit &soul so tht we cn alighn ourselvs wit God's wil.We luv God in our dfrent wayz nd we nid as christians 2share tht wit our frends so tht we cn worship Him in truth & in spirit.Wit God's guidance we achive.I luv u God luvs u mo,hop we meet.BLES

Star Mile-High join
Rocky Mountain views, snow 2 sunshine in just a few hours!