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Star OrderoftheEternal join
We are the elite the true path starts here no funi stories no fantasy imagenary history just truth, respect and family
This is what true satanism is. We are not violent. We are not about rape, murder or toreture. We do not sacrifice people, babies, animals any thng that has a soul. I teach truth, wisdom and about the black flame bretheren i applaud u please join before the war starts only the strongest will survive

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Star VisionOrVoid join
Owner on hiatus
The ultimate group for those into underground metal, punk, ambient, folk and progressive rock

Star YourMP3s join
Welcome to YourMP3s! Currently, we're on 2330+ members. Join up to start downloading free, high quality music. The group takes requests for all genre's of music. This group was made for PRODIGITS users to download FREE music.
JOIN UP NOW TO START DOWNLOADING FREE MUSIC TO YOUR PC'S, OR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE'S! YourMP3s is a wapgroup, created to allow people to download FREE music. We all know that it can be a pain trying to buy a CD, and sometimes it can be a pain trying to keep the CD from being scratched, marked, or damaged in any way possible. We know how many people enjoy listening to their own personal music, either with their mobile device's, or MP3 Player's. Joining the group is the best choice you could ever mak...

Star rock join
***For all fans of ROCK/SOFT/PUNK/HARD/METAL/EMO/INDIE join today free mp3 ringtones, vid clips, concert details, gig photos and full band biographys with discographys & images. over 3400 members
everything rock u2, lost prophets, mcr, arctic monkeys, emo, stp, cold, bush, creed, greenday, queen, s*x pistols, kaiser chiefs, doves, stone roses, killers, rolling stones, motorhead, metallica, atreyu, inspiral carpets, james, jesus jones, charlatans, black sabbath, linkin park, my chemical romance, white stripes, kasabian, feeling, def lepard, white snake, nirvana, papa roach, foo fighters, jimi hendrix, led zep, Lynyrd Skynyrd, beatles, Grateful Dead, pearl jam, Allman Brothers, kings of l...

Star Em-piks join
free to join over 740+ piks and mp3s.includes bands toons evil dead dolls skulls darker stuf n much more.please feel free to upload your piks and add topics.requests taken,albums in forums 2 from lew15d -yourmp3s-,justpop into Topics have a look x x x
Welcome.feel free to do topics upload-download piks mp3s etc. If ure after piks n cant find what u want please request in forums

Star Anime-toon-zone join
Welcome to Anime-toon-zone...Our own anime n cartoon world...Join now to read manga n comics online,vote in polls,download files n access links..- [10+roms]-[55+links]-[140+members]-[48+topics]-[740+files]-[50+manga n comics] - [*Daily Update*]
Fans of naruto,bleach,inuyasha,happy feet,gundam,fate stay nite,the simpsons,ben 10,the incredibles,hellsing,rurouni kenshin/samurai X,soul eater,meet the robinsons,star wars,death note,tom n jerry,spirited away,full metal alchemist,family guy,avatar the last airbender,lelouch,megasXLR,final fantasy,digimon,pokemon,madagascar,the wild,bakugan battle brawlers n lots of other anime n cartoons,this is a place where we unite 2 discuss in forums,vote in polls,access links n download files that are al...

Infusions of metal. Venture within this unique Metalcore group. For all metal genres.
For serious rockers, goths, punks and metal heads. Group pics with artist background info. Vids n Clips, amr + mp3s. Genres Industrial, Dark wave to Alternative, progressive, Underground, Love and Heavy Metal (rocker)

Star Church-of-satan join
Spiritual advancement and occult knowledge(Do mind the group name though, it is an ERROR)
Never underestimate the power of the mind...Religion is only of the mind...Spiritual advancement is the main key in satanism...True spiritual satanism, i do not take satanism in an atheisticall approach nor do i conform to anton lavey's way...I follow my own path, a path of individualism...I am a law abiding citizen therefore i do not do sacrifice such as killing cats or make out satan to be in the mind nor do i look at satan as evil for he is my father, true creator of all...HAIL SATAN

Star Army-Of-Dark-Waters join
Occult rally point to unite every dark, occult believer from vampire and werewolf to satanist
For to long have the xian and the other religions stood together while the occult believers have been scattered, well friends its time it changes, let us unite, let us stand together, let us join forces and make friends in the army of dark waters so that we may become stronger, so that we may share our knowledge to ALL those who wish to learn, so that we may survive the persecution of the xians, and become stronger and increase our numbers,

Star Satanicwitchcraft join
4 anyone whom are interested in this art and knowledge,no matter whether u r a newbie or advanced satanist,this group is 4 u all!Except anti satanism that is..
Okey,this group 4 people or satanist who interested in the satanic witchcraft.Anybody who try to harrass,spread anti-satan influence in this group will be terminated!