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Star ScienceDiscussion join
A private group.Only for people believed to be trustworthy.Don't waste your time clicking on the red button above
Discuss science-related topics.You may learn quite a lot of things that will let you know what may have happened in our uncontrolled universe.This group has some external links and articles explaining some terms in more detail.So I recommend you view this group via opera mobile software or opera computer software from or Welcome!I'm back..with lots more info.

Star Gay-england-lads join
Chat date
Add pics,vids

Star DarkTranquility join
This site is intended 2 connect people who share an intrest in controversial religions like wicca, vampirism and lifestyles like being a goth.
Just have fun! Express urself and talk 2 other ppl who share ur intrests. And if u hav questions or just wanna speak ur mind...feel free 2 do so. Blessed be:)

Star Church-of-satan join
Spiritual advancement and occult knowledge(Do mind the group name though, it is an ERROR)
Never underestimate the power of the mind...Religion is only of the mind...Spiritual advancement is the main key in satanism...True spiritual satanism, i do not take satanism in an atheisticall approach nor do i conform to anton lavey's way...I follow my own path, a path of individualism...I am a law abiding citizen therefore i do not do sacrifice such as killing cats or make out satan to be in the mind nor do i look at satan as evil for he is my father, true creator of all...HAIL SATAN

Star DraconisSociety join
society draconis aux modern vampire/or Order of the Dragon
TheOrder of the Dragon,Our online haven for Vampires Witches& our other kindred that's dedicated to all for the support and sharing of information. sanguinarians,psychics,hybrids,and non vampire are all welcome here.our focus is on enlightenment& education. with links to other Vampires...also visit us @

Star GearGuys join
For gay/bi men into all types of gear rubber. Leather. Pvc. Biker. Sports. Suits. Uniforms. Etc.

Star antichristwillrise join
destroying the christians and all who follow
this group is for all the satans of the world. if u dont like christians and christ hear me out and join.

Star Moviequiz join
If your a film fan or movie buff this is the group for you.
When i've got some members lol i'll put up some questions you inbox me the answers and then i put the scores up and we'll see who really is a movie buff.

Star Satansdemonicaltar join
People that believs in satan,and u r goth!and people hate u 4 tht.and any nice ppl tht is intrested in wicca,satanism,vampirism and stuf like tht
Uhm.....lets jus hav fun and ask people bout their probz being goth and worshipping the devil.coz i was on tht path.lets hear others life stories

Star satanists join
for satanists
this group is for satanists whether you are laveyan, traditional, or atheiest.