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* tahiya.x

* tahiya.x

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Star KenyanSatanists join
Public 4 a limitd time,only serious members!
For al thos kenyans who want to knw the true religion and wat it entails.

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Star NaughtyLyn join
s*xy & married Group is public for very limited time.
Hot naughty pix of me. I'll add a pic for every one a member adds.

Star Church-of-satan join
Spiritual advancement and occult knowledge(Do mind the group name though, it is an ERROR)
Never underestimate the power of the mind...Religion is only of the mind...Spiritual advancement is the main key in satanism...True spiritual satanism, i do not take satanism in an atheisticall approach nor do i conform to anton lavey's way...I follow my own path, a path of individualism...I am a law abiding citizen therefore i do not do sacrifice such as killing cats or make out satan to be in the mind nor do i look at satan as evil for he is my father, true creator of all...HAIL SATAN

Star Army-Of-Dark-Waters join
Occult rally point to unite every dark, occult believer from vampire and werewolf to satanist
For to long have the xian and the other religions stood together while the occult believers have been scattered, well friends its time it changes, let us unite, let us stand together, let us join forces and make friends in the army of dark waters so that we may become stronger, so that we may share our knowledge to ALL those who wish to learn, so that we may survive the persecution of the xians, and become stronger and increase our numbers,