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* dancun 24 M

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Star zeenworld join
Hearty welcome 2 frndz who knw d true meanin of pure frndz gratitude n togetherness .....dis grp consists of frndz ment 4 each other .....well abt dis grp you can find software, games , freewares , mp3s, wallpapers n a lot of stuff lyk other grps .....but a group remains a group till its united wid love n frndshp ...if u understand wht true frndshp is den plz join in 2 ....ZEEWORLD ~ WHERE FRNDZ BCOME BST FRNDZ

Star YourMP3s join
Welcome to YourMP3s! Currently, we're on 2330+ members. Join up to start downloading free, high quality music. The group takes requests for all genre's of music. This group was made for PRODIGITS users to download FREE music.
JOIN UP NOW TO START DOWNLOADING FREE MUSIC TO YOUR PC'S, OR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE'S! YourMP3s is a wapgroup, created to allow people to download FREE music. We all know that it can be a pain trying to buy a CD, and sometimes it can be a pain trying to keep the CD from being scratched, marked, or damaged in any way possible. We know how many people enjoy listening to their own personal music, either with their mobile device's, or MP3 Player's. Joining the group is the best choice you could ever mak...

Star Time-Pass join
GrOup For FuN , ChaTTinG, cOOl LinkS, WallPaPers,RingTonEs and FreE mOBile SofTwaRes!!!

Star Spooky join
Welcome to my world..
Welcome To My World..

Star loversrockbase join
where to meet and chat
my mission is to create a space where we can meet and share discuss mainly about love and relationship.u can share ur concern and still u can also upload ur photos or music and share with us.If you want to be a moderater of this group,please inbox me and i will add u to the list.[If u have anything confidential please send to]

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