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* secc.luv

* secc.luv 27 F

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Star group4hotfun join
group chat
welcome friends. express ur hot desires nd find here good match for u. i like mfm..mfmf groups etc

Star only4married join
married ppl may join dis group
dis is a group for married ppl to share thier experiance with members

Star only4couple join
married ppl may join dis group
dis is a group for married ppl to share thier experiance with members

Star GloriousVedicDharma join
its for vedic litterature
hindusm has richest culture and it is oldest dharma

* Groups Joined:

Ssssshhhhhhh..... STRICTLY those who dont like Love, Romance, Fun, Love-making, (+18) - NEED NOT Join this group.......... DECENT LOVE GROUP FOR DISCUSSING ABT ROMANCE n LOVE-MAKING...... JUST JOIN TO KNOW MORE HEAVENLY THINGS ABT TRUE LOVE :)
c*m on Friendss.. Its a group you can share ur Feelingz of Love, Tears, Poems, Quotes etc etc in a vry Decent way!!! **GROUP IS UPDATED DAILY**..... MmMmMwAhh....

Star SuicideGirlxoxo join
Don't ask to join if you're planning on uploading pictures of anything besides SuicideGirls. 18+ O N L Y!
A group of about 1,700 (and growing) unconventially beautiful girls. You have your grunge, your punk, your emo. It's all here, baby.

Star NaughtyLyn join
s*xy & married Group is public for very limited time.
Hot naughty pix of me. I'll add a pic for every one a member adds.

Star chixpix join
s*x! Got your attention now ;O)Animations in various styles disney, warner bros, playboy logos, me to you, forever friends, smurfs, sesame street, muppets, trolls, & more
Tons of various animations & still images, everything you need to make your website or cellphone look cool. items included are Disney, playboy, spongebob, smurfs, sesame street, barney, Warner bros cartoons (taz buggs bunny etc), punky type gifs, raver gifs, forever friends, harry potter, muppets & many more. With links to mp3 sites as well as other cool sites

Star Indian-chat join
Here we invite all girls and boys who live in only india please dont come any other country.
Please read my short Description.

Star gaylesbian join
For all gays and lesbians to come,chat and share your views amongst the likes of you.

Star HottiesChatRoom join

Don't add my account I won't accept !! Need 3 admin for this group to upload pictures polls so on Inbox me male or female :) I delete peoe every month from now on

Star BapTiStAdulTJOkeS join
For 18 + only
This group will feature only adult jokes...

Star OnlineCHESS join
Chess puzzles, Chess games, Online game between ourselves, and more fun. Newbies are welcome
This is the group for chess players.

Star 5381 join
Only 4 smart sxy gals..
1st chat wth me...

Star dimple join
my pics
my pics

Star sxynhot join
hot gals only

Star Trueloveworld join
This is a dating site,where u can find true love,meet ur spouse,learn more about relationship,marriage,have lots of fun,and lots more
This group enables buds meet their life partners,learn more about life and the world as .a whole,it helps u growth spirituatly,encourages morality, and helps u detect the will of God, ur future and destiny spouse, it also makes ur dream come true by the grace of God, God bless u as u join

Star roolls join

A new religion made by me it says we are same that all people are same. All God are same whether u say jeasus allha ram or any other name it is a power that is responsible for all the thing whole universe
If u want to follow it just send ur name to and spread the msg of love and unity i dont say discard ur religion but adopt it too if u want i m doing this to make ourself more sutable for god to live in ur and bless us

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