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* zaiklucy

* zaiklucy 28 F

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2talk a bout 1self N sharing prblms
It is whre by we are al equal n we al share problemz

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Star Prodigits join
Prodigits members, discuss about Prodigits here
Suggest a new feature, report problems, announce new relationships you've made through Prodigits :)

Star Os9Games join
Symbian games only.
~~Os9.1~~ n71 . n73 . n75 . n77. n80 . n91 . n91 8gb . n92 . n93 . n93i . e50 . e60 . e61 . e62 . e65 . e70 . 3250 . 5500 Sport . 6290 ------------------------------- ~~Os9.2~~ n76 . n77. . n81 . n81 8gb . n82 . n95 . n95 8gb . e51 . e65 . e66 . e71 . e90 . 6110 . 6120 . 6290 . 5700 . Samsung SGH-i450 . Samsung SGH-i520 . Samsung SGH-i550 . Samsung SGH-i560 . Samsung G810 . LG KT610 ------------------------------- ~~Os9.3~~ n78 . n96 . 6210 Nav . 6220c . 5320 XM . Samsung L870 . Samsung i8510 (I...

Star 4HEAVEN join
JOIN..I HOPE You'll LIKE this group and ENJOY..IN SHAA' ALLAH

Formed on 10th June 2010 to replace all those Boring Kenyan Groups on Prodigts.It has topics ranging from sports,hookups,rltnshps,hanyes..,2gther with all genres of music and pics.
IF u r a Kenyan nd looking for A Fun nd Hot Kenyan grup,Karibu Ndani.Ull find kul topics,new and latest music,all kinda crazy,funny and outta ths wrld clips and pics,its not just a group,ITS A MOVEMENT.Buh do i say!!

Star Christianvision join
A group that wil handle all spiritual issues about the kingdom of God
This is a group that wil evengilise sinners,teach believers and equip disciples.

Star Teenzfromkenya join
Brings mateenz wa kenya pamoja
Teenz talk abt watever they lyk feel free 2 join. 14yrs mpaka 18yrs.

If u come frm NAI come n hangout with me...
2nadeal na anythin n evrythn happenin in Nairoby...all da l8test in entertainment,frm music,movies,celeb gossip,football,l8test mchongoano....azin 2jibambe 2....jst takin away da sio?

Star Monthlyyouthcasho join
Make money everytime you log in the net. Creat account and market online using ua phone. Click link below ;
This group is created to empower youths especially the digital age who use socio-media. To start is simple, visit the link, creat membership account for free then login and start by working on the task you get in your account.

Star Wererufrom join
Were u from
Any1 world wide any age would like 2 knw were ur from an wat ur country is like Plz?

Star Alumitine join
Crunk music masters,Rock,Hipop n Gege
All Crunkmasters Rnb,Rock, Gege,kapuka,Ranga,Renge music[All music luvrs] music tenchlogy unit

Star jayspics1 join
pics of things
Pics of things in my life would like to.share wit you all hope u like

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