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Star Rsa join
Hi.. This is where South African ppl and ppl from other nations are welcome to join and can get together with over 2290 members,119 free pic's to download for free and links for you to watch tv, banking, get news and E-bay!
This is where South Africans can chat, download pic's etc. And maybe in the future we'll have internet banking, yellow pages, tv channels etc.

Star duRbaN-indiANS join
Meet near 1000 indian honeyz and homiez
Have fun!

Star natalsingles join
any person wanting 2 find a sole mate near u join this group
from durban up northcoast

Star INDIANZ join

Star Durbansx join
Anyone looking for s*x in and around Durban
Opened this group for people that are tired of looking for the myth called love and and want hot wet action and satisfaction from like minded people with out the LOVE BUG, o/ (DONE THE LOVE THING, BEEN HURT, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt)

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