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* bail

* bail

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Where married spouses share their world, experiences, problems and opinions.
Marriage life is definitely not a bed of roses to almost or all people. share with us about your experience on the issue

Star FAMJOINT join
lets know & meet as families for friendship & fun,explore the world, meet new ppl & new cultures. for modest ppl only.
For friends to build , to encourage, motivate, cheer, fun, travel/visit, sharing, idea exchange, name them!

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Ssssshhhhhhh..... STRICTLY those who dont like Love, Romance, Fun, Love-making, (+18) - NEED NOT Join this group.......... DECENT LOVE GROUP FOR DISCUSSING ABT ROMANCE n LOVE-MAKING...... JUST JOIN TO KNOW MORE HEAVENLY THINGS ABT TRUE LOVE :)
c*m on Friendss.. Its a group you can share ur Feelingz of Love, Tears, Poems, Quotes etc etc in a vry Decent way!!! **GROUP IS UPDATED DAILY**..... MmMmMwAhh....

Star ReasonforHope join
The true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is taught and discussed in this group, which welcomes Christians and non-Christians alike. No compromise on the truth. All questions discussed Search and seek out wisdom and the reason of things (Ecclesiastes 7:25)
1 Peter 3:15 'But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to any man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.'

Star 100Poets join
Inner>>>... Deeper>>>... INTO THE HEART- open your mind!
Poetry is a language (call it 'n Taal, a Lingo, or whatever) spoken by the heart that belongs to an open mind and understood by the poets...*we poets*

Star PowerofHolyRosary join
The Rosary is the most excellent form of prayer and the most efficacious means of obtaining ETERNAL LIFE.It is the remedy for all our evils,the ROOT of all our BLESSINGS.There is no more excellent way of praying.By Pope Leo
Many saints have recommended the Rosary as a Powerful Prayer.There is nothing that the Virgin Mary asks from the Holy Trinity that she can't get.Pope John saidBeside the Liturgical Masses Rosary is the most Powerful Prayer Miracles have been reported after few weeks of praying the Rosary.Blessed Bartolo Longo turned to God from being a satanic priest.The Fatima miracle,Mother Theresa and many more.Satan fights by hiding the trueth of God.Forget what many say .In silense,ask Jesus to teach you ab...

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