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Star OUBAAS join
Psalm 145:18: Die Here is naby almal wat Hom aanroep, almal wat Hom in opregtheid aanroep. Come in please! Christian and general content. Cool cliparts, smileys, links, downloads, jokes, and lekker BRAAIVLEIS & POTJIE resepte! Afrikaans and English.
This group is open for everyone. No drinking or s*x in here please. Have fun, but NO RELIGUOUS DEBATES OR ARGUEMENTS PLEASE!! Alle Afrikaners en Afrikaans sprekendes met 'n goeie sin vir humor is welkom. Hier kuier opregte vriende heerlik saam! Geen krutaal of sekspraatjies nie asb. Other religions also welcome. Please respect others. NOTE: We have more than 900 topics. Please browse the topics or use the search facility to find topics. Please visit our links as well. Ek wil dit omonwonde stel...

For born again CHRISTIAN'S and anyone who wants to learn about God. We welcome those who come in search of knowledge of our Lord and Saviour! Links to ringtones,Bible study, pics,wallpapers,music,other christian sites,daily Bible Quiz
If you love the Lord or even if your just curious about what it means to be born again please join in! This group is not the place to argue or be disruptive.It is here to glorify and praise God,share His love with a lost and dying world and increase our understanding of the Bible. All who come in peace welcome here !

Star funfield join
. . . Fun in General . . . Dynamic! Funtastic! & Funcrazy! . . . A Mixture of Universal Fun . . . A Group for All Beings Who Have Passed Natural Selection . . .
. . . Welcome to funfield group! . . . All Nations are welcome! . . . Asian, African, North American, South American, Antarctican, European, Australian/Oceanian . . . Alien Nations from other Galaxies are also welcome! . . .

Star ReasonforHope join
The true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is taught and discussed in this group, which welcomes Christians and non-Christians alike. No compromise on the truth. All questions discussed Search and seek out wisdom and the reason of things (Ecclesiastes 7:25)
1 Peter 3:15 'But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to any man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.'

Ps 119:103 How sweet are your words to my taste; sweeter than honey to my mouth! English version of Excellent Afrikaans christian teachings in here!
Exclusive on Prodigits. With full permission from A summary of new day topics presented by Willem Botha on Wednesdays on radio Rippel 90.5 FM. Facebook and Mailmate members please join too.

Star Redeem join
This group is for both christians and those who want to know about God!
Become a member of redeem and share testimony, bible verse, prayer request and much more! Learn more about Jesus and hear about the good things that God is doing for people!

Star ONELORD join
baptism in JESUS name
where apostolic,jesus name,and oneness pentecostals can fellowship along with others who wants to fellowship

Star WAKEUP join
Bringing GOD's glory to the Religion & Beliefs Forum and in our lives
This group is meant for all serious minded Christians (precisely Ministers). COME! And let us REASON TOGETHER (Isaiah 1:18).

Star ThePuzzler join
Math, logic and word puzzles
Solve puzzles of varying difficulty. Please feel free to bed your own. New puzzle, new topic please.

Star onenesspentecostal join

Star KnowGodandmiracle join
GOD is in control and have a faith in Him
GOD IS d most miracle d omnipotent and omniscience he can do anything for u. Anything u ask he wil do it. GOD knows everything in dis world and beleive in Him cos his ur master. God loves u he dnt wnt any sins death unless u repent. God wil heal u wot ever is doin u he wil heal u wit prayer. Wen u believe is only son JESUS CHRIST, Jesus perform many miracles and his power is frm GOD. And love each other as God loves u. God sent is only begotten son to us and worship him and wen jesus came is a p...

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