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* alekii

* alekii

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Star E-AFRICANS2 join
CoMe GeT a PoSiTiOn In ThE EA fUn JoInt CluB...HoT cHiCkX n DuDeZ oN pOiNt...itS mOrE dAn SwAgGeR...sOo fAnTaBuLoUs N fAbUlAsTiC...kRaZiE!!@aLl____N iF u DoN WaNnA jOiN 'unajifanya migingo ung'ang'aniwe na nani?'...No OlD gRaNdS!!!! aLsO a GuD NuMbEr Of m
U can also join even if u r not E.african as long as u exist on earth...we help people 2 get owt there boredom n leave u as a stressfree person.and b4 i 4get theres ringtones wallpapers and mp3s 4 u 2 download and pimp yo fone.yo welcum.thank u

Star romanticalex join
I feel i hav weakness..only sweet sweeries n me..ummm yah real gals only!!
Hey u believe u r hot? Just show ur hottness here!

* Groups Joined:

Star Lover join
This group is for singles that want a relationship.
This is for single ppl that want relationships with a lovin partner. Hope u enjoy.

Star KASSAH join
Feelin pro in our hood KASSAH n 2 da neibaz
4 all the prince n princess of prodigits kassah draws guyz 2getha!!kam lets have sam fun wit guyz 4rm all parts of kenya!its pioneered by kasarani guyz so y be left out?kam join us 4 sam fun!

Star LatestApps join
Find Latest applications for Nokia s40 here!
Here you can get latest info, news, tips and tricks about s40 applications. You can also get new translated applications only here.

Star Hotty911 join
For s*xy,hot and spicy,loving,fun people,nt meanies.if u wana have fun with my hot buds then this is for u.hey u knw u can add a little of yourself i would realy appreciate.
This a group of pals who r ready to chat you up,get to know you,help you with any problem and make you know you have international buddies so fall in love and get flamin hot and spicy in this fab upload!upload!upload!anythng and everything at the same time u may download!download!download! Basically have fun!thanks u all with love. x x xxmwahx x xX

Star PiNkiLiCioUsChAtTeRz join
Come join, add ya pix n do da poll thngs :D
Come join my group theres pix of me but under birmz88 lol i couldnt upload so he pt em up if ya wondering pmpl, do the pollz n get ta knw l0l *1*

Star Wapmaster-school join
here we help each other on how to of building wapsite. HTML codes,wml,java scripts! ur contribution will be welcome.
Here u can get HTML codes to make ur wapsite, from color codes.HTML basics etc all about wap site making

Star Bizwacks join
4 all lovey_doveys.Discussing love issues which cannot be absorbed by a tissue.
Anyone willing 2 enter must have respect capability and helping one another ain't an option.Pliz do not undermine.Be intellectual pliz.

Star MADFLAVA join
FuN n HoT!!!

Star KhittyPawtographs join
A c0lLecti0n of pAwt0graphs, cAtal0gues, and then s0me. . . me'ow !!!
'A pictUre is much like a fairy tale. . . There were magicAl m0ments of w0ndEr and awe, times when the sun smiled up0n me with0ut fail, and times when the m0on enchanted alL Her view. My very existence seEmed charmed. No matTer where I stepped or h0w far I wandEred, things just fElL into place - 'PictUre pUrRfEct' !!! Life is g0od, magick is af0ot, and its w0ndErs apPeared at every turn of the r0ad. . . BriGht blesSings !!!'

Star Nairobi join
This is cool joint to meet and exchange ideas. People link up in this group daily. This is reserved for open minded.
Dont be left out all your friend have hooked up in the Nairobi Chat. I met people there. Try your Luck

Star Soulmates2008 join
Ur Hot! s*xy! Gorgeous! Cute! Yummy! Sweet!.... An' tha list goes on an' on... But ya look 'round an' nobody, absolutely no one seems to impress ya much. Well, look no further cuz ya finally found tha right spot. Meet yo dream gurl / boy right 'ere!!
Ya've been looking for that special somebody for sometime now. Well, looks like tha search is almost over. One thing we're gonna ask of ya tho and tha rest is up to us. Register now and let us hook ya to your soulmate!!!!

Star GirlzndGuyz join
changing onlyn frnds to intimate frnds.
if u want 2 hav an intimate frnd, dis is the group dat can provide them for u, coz there are more,many, nd much more waiting for u.

Star introduceu join
Lemme introduce u 2 the world u hav neva experienced b4. Join n knw more!
Let the grp introduce u the prodigts world, 2 pple, 2 technology, 2 hot babes n dudes, in short just learn frm the group bt most importantly enjoy ur self.

Star Mod-ur-Moto join
This group is all abt motorola n everything that has motorola in it!feel free to help n contribute to making it better.
Learn how to flash/flex,skin,patch,edit seems...etc

Star danceholics join
if u can dance join me now
this group iz 4 de talented ones in dancing or anyone else whose who luvs music n avin fun such as raving go ahead n join

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