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Uniting the Muslim Ummah
This group is a general islamic group which main aim is 2 unite Islam. Here u can discuss and understand the different beliefs of islam and to help each other out with problems we have regarding our faith. Please feel free to add your own topics and views and take advantage of the downloads available. Shukran

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LiFE iz so borINg ....
.-***WelComE***-.2 *URDU*English*Wap-Group-Community*The Best Place*4-U-2-*Interact*&*Share***~-. Poetry*Text Games*Lyrics*G-Knowledge*Urdu*Englis**topic's*Cool Animation's & Pix's*PC&Mobile Downloads& Much More*Join Us @

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Glory to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala
Islam is best gift 4 all mankind!! Join us& unite our ummah!!

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INNOVATIONS (New things) brought into ISLAM, by Ignorant/Illiterate MUSHRIKs NOT proven by QURAN/SAHIH HADEES, considered UNISLAMIC & NOT accepted by MusliMs, Exposed here in REFERENCE 2 QURAN/HADEES. Join us
To Spread the Truth about ISLAM & Make the people aware of BIDDAT & help theM know the TRUTH & NOT follow the New Innovations in Religion. Help us in DA'AWAH & do ur Duty.

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