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* yuzi 23 M

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Star Martial-art-spirit join
Power of a human 4m inside and outside.not all of u knew it
Martial art is not a gun. But it's a power of you. How to fight your self and then you fight your enemy. It.s not only by your power and energy but also your heart.

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Star Anime-toon-zone join
Welcome to Anime-toon-zone...Our own anime n cartoon world...Join now to read manga n comics online,vote in polls,download files n access links..- [10+roms]-[55+links]-[140+members]-[48+topics]-[740+files]-[50+manga n comics] - [*Daily Update*]
Fans of naruto,bleach,inuyasha,happy feet,gundam,fate stay nite,the simpsons,ben 10,the incredibles,hellsing,rurouni kenshin/samurai X,soul eater,meet the robinsons,star wars,death note,tom n jerry,spirited away,full metal alchemist,family guy,avatar the last airbender,lelouch,megasXLR,final fantasy,digimon,pokemon,madagascar,the wild,bakugan battle brawlers n lots of other anime n cartoons,this is a place where we unite 2 discuss in forums,vote in polls,access links n download files that are al...

Games hi games
If mobile games r ur preference, i can provide u every latest game free by sending it via MMS. So just give me choice. Have a nice day!!

Star AnimeNation join
Anime discussions
New anime. Old anime. Tell us about it. Leave ya links 4 cool anime sites. Torrents. Direct links. Avi.Rmvb.Vob.

Star AniMaLwiThiN join
Basically a group about martial arts en self-defense in general.
this group z my atempt 2 teach th little i knw bwt th martial arts en selfdefnse bt 2 learn frm thoz wit knwldge bwt th same.i tek absolutly NO credit 4 this group bcoz most of wat z on this site iv learnt frm my teachr(mr erle montaigue)*who 2 this day i stil beliv 2 b th greatst martial artist*(1949-26/01/11.m.h.s.r..i.p),i hope t cn b of sme hlp 2 all who read it.if you've wanted to learn or you are already studying a martial or self defense art or you just intrested in such stuff...then chec...

Star Teensluvworld join
Luv is most powerful motivator in de world.Lv is what peaple want mo than anything else.Even some1 wo hs bin in a negative,hurtful relationship,wo mighty b in denial,wants 2b loved.Pipo,wo r involved in rltnships& nt fulfilled,wil av afairs in sech of lv
This site was created 4 teens wo want to share they lv world,2 get much nided advice,2 talk abt certain issues of real lyf,2 motivate,help discova themselv to find peace win themselves nd give awerenes concernin e.g aids,attitudes....

Star Dirty-Cloaks join
For Harry Potter fans!
HP fanclub incorporating chat, perverse discussions of all characters etc etc.

Star Problems join
If you have any problems with your mobile or computer hardware or software or if you just want to chat about things above just ask us!

Star Lovestergrupies join
Love makes the world go round
All for LOVE!LOVE 4 all!Love is the topic,all about love

Star KomputerMania join
Di sini akan berdiskusi seputar komputer baik software maupun hardware.
Ini adalah Forum Publik.Anda bs bertanya ato memberikan info ttg kmptr dg msk k menu Topic-New Topic.

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