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Star GodricsHollow join
Enter the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter and choose to be a brave Gryffindor, a wise Ravenclaw, a loyal Hufflepuff or a cunning Slytherin! Download pics, vids, tones, themes and fanfiction ebooks and chat with other like-minded Pottheads!
Grab ur broomstick n leave the muggle world behind! A place 2 discuss Harry Potter bks/films, the characters/actors, fanfiction, play the forum games, download ebooks, videos, themes, pictures n tones n leave ur mark in the polls! Plenty of links 2 other Harry Potter sites!

Star F1world join
Formula 1 and Other Motorsport Series
A group for fans of Formula 1 and other motorsport series... videos, pics and sounds to download... polls, predictions and chat... links to individual team sites and more... If your passion lies with another kind of motor racing feel free to start topics regarding it...

Star SimplyForumGames join
As the group name says, just simply for forum games!
This group is an alternative to the Just4Fun forum, which gets bogged down with so many 'pic rates' and pointless stuff! Feel free to start your own game here!

Star RidersOfRohan join
Grab your sword and join us in the great battle for Middle Earth. A group where LORD OF THE RINGS fans can chat and download pictures of their favorite characters.
Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Kings and Men alike, enter a quest like no other journey, from the Shire, through Rivendelle and the Mines of Moria, through the forest of Lorien,over the lands of Rohan and Gondor to Mordor into the cracks of Doom to determine the fate of Middle Earth and all who live there from the hand of Saruman and the Dark Lord Sauron. From the epic LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.... by J.R.R.Tolkien.

Star CelebrityCrush join
No... its not about squashing famous people...
Welcome to CelebrityCrush! Come on in and tell us about the stars you have a hopeless crush on... drool over dreamboats... swoon over s*xgods... gush over goddesses! Start a topic about your famous fancy and see if anyone out there feels the same way! There will be pix and themes to download and like-minded people to chat to!

* Groups Joined:

Star Prodigits join
Prodigits members, discuss about Prodigits here
Suggest a new feature, report problems, announce new relationships you've made through Prodigits :)

Star YourMP3s join
Welcome to YourMP3s! Currently, we're on 2330+ members. Join up to start downloading free, high quality music. The group takes requests for all genre's of music. This group was made for PRODIGITS users to download FREE music.
JOIN UP NOW TO START DOWNLOADING FREE MUSIC TO YOUR PC'S, OR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE'S! YourMP3s is a wapgroup, created to allow people to download FREE music. We all know that it can be a pain trying to buy a CD, and sometimes it can be a pain trying to keep the CD from being scratched, marked, or damaged in any way possible. We know how many people enjoy listening to their own personal music, either with their mobile device's, or MP3 Player's. Joining the group is the best choice you could ever mak...

Star SeriesWorld join
Enter the world of your favourite tv series!!!

Star saz28x join
free downloads, games, themes, touchscreen games,and Animation
hi wellcome to my group here u will find ringtones, themes, pics etc and add your own downloads but no thank you

Star mymp3 join
place to download mp3s. Note that requests are no longer taken and this group is no longer active since I'm very busy and moved on from this site. You can however still join in. Thanks~
Free high quality mp3s. Requests is now closed sorry

Star SEclub join

For Sony Ericsson users!

Star LanguageExchange join
for the people who are willing to learn and teach languages:D
if you would like to learn a language and maybe teach your native language to someone who is interested in it, please join this group.

Are you like Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter series? Come n join!!
This is a group for Tom Felton fans around the world. Chat n share everything 'bout him in here!! Keyword: Slytherin

Star StupidQuestions join
A place to safely ask all those stupid questions you've always wanted to ask. Get to know your fellow man.
Stupid questions: we all have them. They are those things you want to know, but don't ask for some reason. The question may be too personal or inappropriate. You may feel stupid asking something you know must be really obvious to the other person. Or you may just not want to drive the other person crazy. Whatever the reason, get someone next to a Scottsman and inevitably they want to know why they wear kilts and what they wear underneath. I would like this group to be more about learning about p...

Star RadioRevolution join
Complain about the music system, talk about little known bands, or promote your own band. We should get to decide what music we hear on the radio!
Someone somewhere chooses what bands make it on to the charts, someone chooses what music we get to hear on the radio, someone chooses which foreign bands get to be heard in our country. I don't know who this person or these people are, but I know it's not me and probably not you either. So, come here and tell us what bands you think should be on the radio be they local or foreign.

Star tans-pic-group join
sharing my hobby
welcome everyone! If any of you would like to share their work, hobby, past time, whether it is photographed, drawn, painted, sprayed, stitched, or any other way for that matter, then please feel free to join this group! I'd be interested in seeing new designs which i'd love to convert into cross stitch, if possible.

Star Games-Express join
The coolest group were gamers come 2gether 2 discuss bout gamez
Here gamers 4rm all round the globe come 2gether 2 cooperately discuss bout gamez on all consoles including mobile gamez. In this group you can also share ur knowledge bout game faqs,walkthroughs,cheats etc.Infact its all bout GAMES.

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