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* pucha

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Star MobaMingle join
Join this group and have fun! Please join this site too with the secret code onedove and you wont regret!
Welcome! Please join this group and the site with the secret code!

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Games hi games
If mobile games r ur preference, i can provide u every latest game free by sending it via MMS. So just give me choice. Have a nice day!!

Star FreeGames join
Download free games for u r phone.
This is the right place from where u get links to download free games.Dont forget to vote in poll..

Star MobileGames join
Share links, tricks, cheats and anything and everything regarding mobile games.
Just updated the group 19.01.2008

Star gr8-games join

hi every1 dis is de perfect place 2 download and share ur games

Star Java-games join
all latest java
all latest java

Star Mygames join
4 people who want games
Dis is 4 people who want free games nd all oda side attractions holla me

Star Poke-world join
4 all u die-hard Pokemon fans
Ok well this group is 4 u Pokemon game fans!

Star fantasyworldpokemo join
for all ur pokemon games need
let us share valuable experiences of all pokemon games right from red to pearl i had completed all pokemon titles so let me help u ask me and i will help u out in anyway

Star Pokemaniacs join
Pkmn discussions, tips, hints, gts and wi-fi trade, fc etc (all legitimate pkmn titles welcome)
Hey there fellow pokemaniac's, yes i know, another pokemon group.. Hea'z what i hope to do, i'd like to trade game hints and tips, discuss favourites and battle tactics, bragging rights over shiny pokemon caught or bred, contest tips.. Gamers of every legitimate pokemon title welcome. I'm also hoping to get some great links and pics as well, any ideas feel free to inbox me! Thankyou!

Star Indo join
Just indo
Just for indonesia people

Star nintendo-ds join
nintendo ds owners

Star NintendoDS join
This is Nintendo DS and DS lite group!
Hi all Nintendo DS (Lite) and Nintendo fans! Just post! Enjoy!

Star Pokemonworld join

Come all funs of pokemon to talk about the evolution of pokemon take the journey of a lifetime

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