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* faycal

* faycal

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Star Perfecto join
W3lc*m 2 1 of d b3st grups in dis syt.Join 2 m33t ppl3 4rm ol ov3r d world.Mwaaah!
H3y guyz.Ok am glad 2 unv3il dis group.It involv3s sports,jok3s,hook ups,romanc3 3tc so long az it m3kx u happy....W3lcum

* Groups Joined:

Star Lover join
This group is for singles that want a relationship.
This is for single ppl that want relationships with a lovin partner. Hope u enjoy.

Star E-AFRICANS2 join
CoMe GeT a PoSiTiOn In ThE EA fUn JoInt CluB...HoT cHiCkX n DuDeZ oN pOiNt...itS mOrE dAn SwAgGeR...sOo fAnTaBuLoUs N fAbUlAsTiC...kRaZiE!!@aLl____N iF u DoN WaNnA jOiN 'unajifanya migingo ung'ang'aniwe na nani?'...No OlD gRaNdS!!!! aLsO a GuD NuMbEr Of m
U can also join even if u r not E.african as long as u exist on earth...we help people 2 get owt there boredom n leave u as a stressfree person.and b4 i 4get theres ringtones wallpapers and mp3s 4 u 2 download and pimp yo fone.yo welcum.thank u

Star h00kup join
finding love
any one has m xit ? 4rm ova seas ... uk ? usa ?

Star MADFLAVA join
FuN n HoT!!!

Star tellmedafunny join
tak about ur best cartoons hottest n funnies movies.wallpaperz available 4 dowloadz.
tell us ur hOTTeST n funniest movies and actors.also cartoons whch make u smile whn ur sad ok?yaba daba dooooo!!wallpaperz available 4 down loadz

Star Niaje-Kenya join
Is vipi! r there issues u wanna talk about or jus wan2 hang out wit people 4rom the luvly nation....karibu umefika
Please keep it local sawa!

This is 4 all u who like rap sht,freestyles,rap battles,tournaments,beeeefs and 4 those who want to learn about rap.
Welcome and join this group, we callin everyone elsewhere in da street,home,at skool everywhere. this is an open sht 4 all or everyone. We takin rap sht to another level, lets see who da illest, realest and wackest is in rap game.

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