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* djkezz

* djkezz

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Star DeeJays join
Musik lovers
Hi im Kezz, 29, Female Dj, in2 most dance musik, NO CHEEZ PLZ, Old Skool, Techno, Psy Trance, Drum + Bass, Hard Style etc. Any1 interested ya welcome 2 join x

* Groups Joined:

Star drumnbass join
CALLING ALL JUNGLISTS DNBHEADS & RAVERS - full length dnb/trance/ /hardstyle mp3s ,event details, flyers from 89 onwards ,chat & more. 250 members cant be wrong!
drum & bass, jungle, , progressive, techno, gabba, house, old skool, and more. With event flyer's, chat, event info & listings, full dj/mc biographies with images, full length mp3s covering every style of underground music ,mp3 mixes, interviews with djs & mcs...& so much more.and now you can upload your own mp3 mixes and videos from events youve been to.

Star Beatbreakers join
Any who iz a break dancer or interested in break dancing is welcome
Bboy a wrd originating frm djs that used to break beats n da peeps dat dance to this beats were knw as break boys aka bboys ( not the retartd bad boy cr*p that floats around amongst society) destroyn the basic fabric of hip hop culture. Hip hop consists of scratching, break dancin, beat boxing, graffiting, and freestyle flows ( rapn, rnb, etc). Thus hip hop is a culture and not a music gendre as knwn by society. REMEMBA BREAKING IS 75 SPEED AND 25 CONTROL. AND POWER IS NOTHN WITHOUT STYLE. NB th...

Star HARD-HEADS join
A group for peeps that love their Hard House, Hardstyle and Hard Trance
Ok no talk in here!! This group is strictly for Hard House, Hardstyle and Hard Trance addicts!!

Star manchester join
yup we rok
best nights out in england

Star Rizla join
A place f0r st0ners no rules no
Long descripti0n? Dae a really need 1... Sit do0n skin up n chill o0t :or

Star UKDJZ join
Love music clubin dancin n enjoy lyf

Star Djmasters join
All your djin needs
I've created this to help other djs or ppl who are intrested in djin. Come and join and have fun thanks Dj krafty

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