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* amaya666

* amaya666

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Star br0ken join
group of ppl that have/are hurt or feeling broken inside
This is a group for people that knows what hurt / neglect / heartache / pain feels like. You can tell us anything and we will give as much advice and support as you want.

Star DarkSideOfHumanity join
Welcome in a world that most people will never find.Welcome in the dark side of you.Take a look at the people around you!What can you see?Just slaves.They are are their own slaves.Free yourself.Leave the fake god ways.Join the DARK SIDE OF HUMANITY clan!

Star Gotham join
Come to the darkness
Greetings to fellow followers of da dark world.This group is made to meet metalheads,gothics,wiccans,witches and satanists.let me guide u 2 my own vision of my own world,no vampire lurkers 2 s*ck on your wer da dead cumz bk 4 PARENTAL ADVISORY.add me as ya buddy.

Star Metalcore2 join
Every1 whos in2 metalcore,screamo, etc. Are welcome!!!

Star EmoFagsS-ck join
Agree - join! Disagree - join anyway!
If you agree that emo (male, of course) totally s*ck, then you're welcome to join this group! If you disagree, it would be really interesting to hear a different opinion, so join anyway! Oh, almost forgot - f*ckin rap& fans are not welcome!

Star 666 join
Metal music : lamb of god,as i lay dying,slayer,inflames,iron madin,3 inches of blood,etc

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