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* ben20

* ben20

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Star Seerat-ul-nabi join
May peace be on you!
It is the work , that i wanted to do .

Star ISLAMistheway join
Everyone is welcome to this group frm any cast ,any religion.
ALLAH IS GREAT , And He is the only creator of all creatures in heaven and on earth. and therefore islam is unique .

Star AlQuran join
Translation english
May Allah guide us .

Star MeeandYooU join
Love and peace
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh ! I made this group AlHamdulillah , here i will try to share my thoughts .

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Star MastGupShup join
Just 4 Fun N FrIeNdShIp, 1660+ CooL Topics, 300000+ replies, 8400+ Mobile Files, 5810+ Direct Download Links, 6300+ members [Daily Update] --JoIn Us --
(@_@) Welcome All New MGS GUPPIANS (@_@)

Star Nice-Friends join
Sad shOrt pOetry , Ghazal pOetry , Funny pOetry , jOkes , Frienship Rules and Tips ,PC Tips and Tricks, Quots , and Much mOre..
Top class and Best urdu poetry. . nO old and formal poetry. Brand New and according to ur taste.

Star KhittyPawtographs join
A c0lLecti0n of pAwt0graphs, cAtal0gues, and then s0me. . . me'ow !!!
'A pictUre is much like a fairy tale. . . There were magicAl m0ments of w0ndEr and awe, times when the sun smiled up0n me with0ut fail, and times when the m0on enchanted alL Her view. My very existence seEmed charmed. No matTer where I stepped or h0w far I wandEred, things just fElL into place - 'PictUre pUrRfEct' !!! Life is g0od, magick is af0ot, and its w0ndErs apPeared at every turn of the r0ad. . . BriGht blesSings !!!'

Star Aimal-Online-School join
The World Of Education - Top Educational Subjects - Educative Downloads For Mobile - Scientific Apps For Mobile - Join Us - Learn - Share - Enjoy.
Learn and experiance education with us. All about school subjects, computer & techonolgy... Join us & experiance the best

Star yourpictures join
upload ur pix funny genral etc no dirty tho
any funny pix u have or ur own pix wierd pix but no nude or bad taste or ban lol

Star Mangafans join
Well eres a group 4ppl who like mangas n discover my personal likins
Only on invite ;)

Star LovingIslaam join
Let's all give Salaam too each other and love Islaam.
Salaams,If you love Islaam, Allah and his Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W.A), join us and let us build our Imaan (Fath) together. After all, we are all in the same Ummah (The followers of The Prophet Muhmmad S.A.W.A)

Star Jazakallah join
thanks for coming
come for world peace

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