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Star whydoeslovesuck
love s*cks join ad meet new people
have u you been crushed? Do you want to fall in love join and find your true love


Star Chatnmakefriends
Ev1 needs sm1 2 lean on also bring ur love issues we might b able 2 help you
Its ev1 dream 2 have a real friend no matter the race,religion or distance. U NEVER KNOW UR SWITHEART MIGHT B HIA

Star Shelley
have fun browsing!
I just added this to display more pics since I 4got how 2 add 2 my wapsite lmao!

Star Aimal-Online-School
The World Of Education - Top Educational Subjects - Educative Downloads For Mobile - Scientific Apps For Mobile - Join Us - Learn - Share - Enjoy.
Learn and experiance education with us. All about school subjects, computer & techonolgy... Join us & experiance the best

Star Gettingtotheheart
Everything about relationships.
All about knowing the truth,what a man wants,love's and hates,what a woman wants,loves and hates,how to reach the heart.

Star lonesome

Star Pro-Indians
Hello! Group is about India, Indians and their relation with twilightwap, having many amazing and interesting facts about India inside, wich will make you feel proud to be an Indian. Other country members are also welcome to share their views about India.
All about india, indians on wap and Amazing facts of india. On NET what we do makes the same reputation of india in eyes of other nations, and most of us know we not doing very well here on the wap. its Time to Change and have a new revolution inside our heart, afterall WE LOVE OUR INDIA AND THE WHOLE WORLD!

Star PhenntyBreezy
My photoz
I myt b bad bt m perfectly gud at it so if u don lyk it,teq a gun put it to ur head n blow ur brainz out.

Star meandmygirls
c*m on girls upload all them s*xy pics

Star Humgalskisisekamnahi
Its 4 only gals .Gals plz join n make our unity

Star Angelmimi
Wats up

Star DangerousIshq
this is a heaven of love

Star terorz
who need good friendship are welcomed
all ppls are u can find good frinds

Star Jamee
juzt decent pix..!

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