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Star Darknesslovers
Do u love the darkness? U think it's calm and nicely surrounding? U rather want to sleep the days away and wake up when the night falls? Are u a goth, a vampire or something else light-hating? Well, then ur welcome to this group!
Loving darkness... The calm, wonderful, surrounding darkness... Gothic people, vampires and u other people who by any reason loves and adores the darkness, be greeted!

Star Armyofdarkness
For metalfans of all variety
Talk bout metal music that makes u experiance things,music u use 2 help you everyday

Star Iron-maiden
The best band eva and longest running.Join the pro maiden fan club.
Membership fees totally free

Star MetalWrld
4 da metalhedz
Hey all u metalhedz! Come ere and talk about the bst heavy metal! From Atreyu 2 u knw who!

Star Cerebro
Punk,metal,rock da way of life

Star Music
Come here to talk bout music
Come here to talk bout any kind of music.. And makes some friends! Lol..

Star MetalMadness
A group for rockers of all kinds
A group where rock and metal lovers can meet and talk about the music life and everything

Star Iron-Maiden-Club
Fans and wanna be fans
Up the irons

Star Victims-of-a-down
This is the officail group 4 da group system of a down
do what eva u wana do.leave links 2 kwel system of a down sites.or leave u mark nd views on da band.interact with others dat have been MEZRIZEd or HYPNOTIZEd by dis kick band.da group is all urs.

Star Mosh
Anything on rock or metal
Same as above

Star Latvia2
All who are from Latvia

Star Vanhalengroup
The best band of the world
Do you love this group. I think they are very important on the history of rock. Van halen is back.


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