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Star Z-V--picTaz
picS of moi n my co0L budz xD x ONLY!!
hey thx for visiting!Im Zevanya, call me Vanya :Dhere is the place to chek out my pictures n u ppl can also upload ur picz tho xDhave FUN!

Star BRoTheRHoodOf5nakE
dis group 4 all who boreD with war, tireD 2 fiGht with parents, h8 popular kids in skewl, punk rock, sk8er soul, high quality teEnager, here we cud hit anythng 2geDa.!!

Star Beatbreakers
Any who iz a break dancer or interested in break dancing is welcome
Bboy a wrd originating frm djs that used to break beats n da peeps dat dance to this beats were knw as break boys aka bboys ( not the retartd bad boy cr*p that floats around amongst society) destroyn the basic fabric of hip hop culture. Hip hop consists of scratching, break dancin, beat boxing, graffiting, and freestyle flows ( rapn, rnb, etc). Thus hip hop is a culture and not a music gendre as knwn by society. REMEMBA BREAKING IS 75 SPEED AND 25 CONTROL. AND POWER IS NOTHN WITHOUT STYLE. NB th...

Star mineeee
mah pics x x x x


Star xFableDXCreaturEx
For my bud's eyes only ;D
I found out someone was taking my pics, so I decided to make a group with my pics and other stuff ;D

Star debzie
my pics (:
its al about me me me :D

Star ItsMezZz
My pics!! Lols.
Apart from my pics, there's might be some other random pics. i guess.. hehee. Oh well.. Hf! xp n its esp 4 my buds, so no random request pls.

Star manga-mania
comix n more home made comic books
this club is for comic book lovers and writers also readers are allowed so join now.


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