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Star Oyphapykutannabn
Muhly muhly phr k kia mlta ha oye tujye ktni kuj rakm mldi hai by da way apko entrtnment ki ??
Vesy log v apk ghr a k apni zati storya o na zati khabrien apko pohnchaty hon gy hen na ...

Star Kittens

Star khapangjohnarian
my friends like comics,i dedicat this to them

Star Anime-fans-club

Star animefansclub

welcome you all anime fans club... Share about you favorite anime's post any thing u like about anime's manga's.. Post your favorite anime's ,photos ,Videos ,games etc... Have question about a certain type or want to know abt a particular anime feel free to help you..... Have fun argue or fight for you fav character(in all the goodness)... Enjoy(@.@)

Hi guys! Welc*m to my group,Dis is a group wr u cn submit: topics,polls,links,photos,themes,games based on ur fav comic characters! Lyk: spiderman,superman,batman,ironman,hulk,flash,xmen,ben10,n al other cute mk dis group activ,n enjoy!
Hi....pls join my group,n mk it activ....pls...

Star Flumpappreciation
Do do do do do do do do
Love flumps.. Hat wearin ones, trumpet blowin ones, moustached ones, even lost ones . . Oh and not forgettin the pink, n yello edible ones :)

Star cosmicon
the place of fun and comics and other stuff
come on in and be free talk about cartoons,comics,games and if there is anything u need just say and it will be posted

Star Funnycreative
Pls upload the funny videos
Pls download or creat the funny videos and upload me...

Star lazyppl
for lazy
this group belongs to lazy ppl.. who'ever not intrstd to do anywrk , alwyz fells sleeppy