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Very amusing!

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laugh moment
-This group is a personal group by arjun deya-on facebook this group is a branch of a page called funny studio under my profile called CYMOH YEVADU ARJUN-More details call 254736441148

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bubbly boobles

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fun line

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Funny GaGs illustration
Looking forfunny jokes? Settle in: You're in the right place. From clean knock- knock jokes,top corny jokes,dirty jokes, sports jokes and funny insults. Up & Share.. ~

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dis group is only going make u happy.plz upload ur funny,pic's,vid's,jok's...
Guys come here and have fun time pleas apload ur funny pics,vids,n anything that can bring laughter to the lips.Thanx

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verskeie grappies / various jokes. Dont post vulgar stuff.
lang grappies droog grappies., kort grappies, . . . En as ek nog stuff kan uitdink om hier te skryf maak ek so. As jy grappie post hou hom uit die vuil terrein.

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For people who love jokes and other funny comments or if someone has a joke to post his/her views
for lovers of jokes. Any joke that will crack somebody's ribs any that's funny