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Star SpaceWatch
Watch this space!
A group for all stargazers, astronomers, astrophysicists, Jedi and all dark matters, boom boom! A little physics joke there, just to set the mood! Quantum theorists welcome, ufo conspiracy theorists not as much (meteorite)!

Star picy
only pics

Star Pics44
Still pics

Star Nature101
For Nature Lovers

Star Kool36
Hy itz ma grp
Hlo fndz m gona uplod ma pcs tym to tym

Star Myhmmmmmmgroup

Star Speedracer

Star TornadoAlley
Oklahoma Tornadoes
Though tornadoes can happen eveywhere in the world but Antartica , there is a reason insurance companies refer to Oklahoma as the heart of Tornado Alley .

Star DeepBlueSolitude

Star Worldoffantasy
Thanks for joining and Welcome to the world of fantasy
Here you gonna get to upload and download your favourite pics and hook up with ladies who are compassionate with nature.You will furthermore get someone whose'heart you know but whose faCe you are not familiar with. Hope you will enjoy the league.Thanks and remember to post your pics and add you buds here.


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