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A group for all my buds and metal peeps. feel free to join, but if ur a chav or a t**t, then prepare to get booted. or i'll set my cat on ya.
death metal, thrash metal, speed metal, black metal, metal metal metal. its all fkin HEAVY in here!!!!

Star BreakingTheCurse
a variety of music from underground punk, to prog and ambient, to classical

Star CH0osealtER
music s d outburst of d soul
we aim 2 take alternative music 2 the next level

Star darknessfallsagain
open to all metalheads,share ur thaughts and music
Just cme and chat damit

Star chrismeg
life n music.
please join my group.

Star Calmafterthestorm
Upload inspiring music ONLY!!!
R there times u feel like throwing in the towel? Dont as yet........just come here n be rejuvenated.

Punk, rock, metal, alternative, emo ect.
FoR aLL u PeOpLe DaT r LiKe, MetaL HeAdS aNd PuNk RoCkErS... AnD FoR aLL ThOsE Who GeT da MaGiC Of ROCK MUSiC... LiFe Wud B MeAniNgLeSs WiThoUt iT...

Star Underworld
Goths and punks only
No chavs at all coz ill jus get rid of u so jus dnt bother tryin 2 bug me coz ur wastin ur time! For all us gothie alternative types pls join n feel free 2 upload various things in here ty x

distorting the masses
heavy metal is a style and a way of life join the madness and come to the frayed ends of sanity

Star XsCeNeCoReX
A group for scenesters
This group is for ppl who are into scene music, dont like it? Go and listen to slayer

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