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Star VisionOrVoid
Owner on hiatus
The ultimate group for those into underground metal, punk, ambient, folk and progressive rock

Star Emof*gsS-ck
Agree - join! Disagree - join anyway!
If you agree that emo (male, of course) totally s*ck, then you're welcome to join this group! If you disagree, it would be really interesting to hear a different opinion, so join anyway! Oh, almost forgot - f*ckin rap& fans are not welcome!

Star 3sixstrings

Star riddimupreggea
forthelatest updatesofreggeariddims n music
this group is for all da reggea lovers 2 be up2 date wit de latest riddimsnmusic fromkenya2jamaica

Star Spiritualmusic

Star Metalage
All the real rockers and people who fight the revolution agains rap and s**t like that
We stand united as one under oldschool and newage, refuse to give in to the corrupt bull of rap, rnb and house. We have started a revolution, our time has come. Let the sounds of distortion and sick drum/guitar solos destroy the enemy for we do not have mercy .punk67(founder).

Star Metalheads
Accepting all metalheads, rockers and just ppl who are cool!
Fun and cool group. talk about metal, rock, alternative, grunge!

Star 0o0-LINKINPARK-0o0
fan club of linkin park alt rock band

Star Rakizta
Free downloads, band wallpapers, pinoy bands, music videos, jpeg, mp3, 3gp, midi, etc...
Wap site that u can free download, heavy metal,death metal,metal, ,rock n' roll,alternative,rock,punk,screamo,emo, etc...

A group for all my buds and metal peeps. feel free to join, but if ur a chav or a t**t, then prepare to get booted. or i'll set my cat on ya.
death metal, thrash metal, speed metal, black metal, metal metal metal. its all fkin HEAVY in here!!!!