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Join the club .....this the site for all music lovers....And its daily updated and its suitable for mobile phones
Hey music join the group and you will get the best ever dj remixes , raps ,rnb and and best new generation mixes..note... this site is the best site for mobiles .....add polls ,topics...

Star Metoo
Love music like my eye

Star ChRiS-bRoWn-LoVeRz
aS u KaN SeE,ThiS iS a gRoUp FoR ChRiS bRoWn ::>LoVeRz<:: No HaTeRz aLLoWeD! So iF u aRe a HaTeR.. *!FawL BacK!*
iF YouR'rE a ChRiS bRoWn LoVeR,ThiS iS Tha gRoUp 4u! u'LL Be kEpT PosTeD oN ChRiS bRoWn NeWz,RuMoRz,ToUr DaTeZ,eTc.. JoiN 2Day!!

Star songsnsounds
true songs by alekzy n friends.
music is a deep science,it is spiritual,mental,emotional,inspirational n influencial.d sound of music moves my spirit setting me beyond seas.i wana xplore d powers of songs n sounds,com join me on my journey.

lets get rocky!!!
This group is 2 promote music 2 ol lovrz of it,,am inlav wid it n its ma passion...wana have fun cme join..

Star Beyonce
Beyonce,Our Diva ever!!!
This group is for all those who love this wonderfull singer that addicts ppl by showing us her powerfull voice!!Beyonce,WE LOVE YOU!!!

Star Chiefstars
Is all about music i own the label
I thank god for all god is my is my happy mood

Star Kimalitheone
Luckykid most best

Star OssybuzzRnbBaSH
Rnb saul gigs.usher,chris breezy,beyonce,rihanna.lyrics n many more! Join n Enjoy!
Rnb saul simply the best.does it make you feel like woow!oo d*mn am high ooop! Just join the base n know more.guest visi

Star Dasharagon
Any news about artists and their activities
All about entertainment


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