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Star rock
***For all fans of ROCK/SOFT/PUNK/HARD/METAL/EMO/INDIE join today free mp3 ringtones, vid clips, concert details, gig photos and full band biographys with discographys & images. over 3400 members
everything rock u2, lost prophets, mcr, arctic monkeys, emo, stp, cold, bush, creed, greenday, queen, s*x pistols, kaiser chiefs, doves, stone roses, killers, rolling stones, motorhead, metallica, atreyu, inspiral carpets, james, jesus jones, charlatans, black sabbath, linkin park, my chemical romance, white stripes, kasabian, feeling, def lepard, white snake, nirvana, papa roach, foo fighters, jimi hendrix, led zep, Lynyrd Skynyrd, beatles, Grateful Dead, pearl jam, Allman Brothers, kings of l...

Star Mostoflighter
If you hand is not busy thank god from you life and thing
Good day guy my name is jack . I want to take time to tell you that god it the creation of thing

Star Musicbudz
Just ask for the music you want and we upload it on this group
All about musics

Star MegaMetal
MegaMetal joins Kogarasumaru
Death Black Industrial Goth Power Thrash metal Melodic Death metal Metalcore... Lets support Kogarasumaru for now!!

Star Deathseekers
Die by metal
For all the insane,angry,thrashed and mad of metal and all its subgeners.

Star EnterMetallica
Welcome! This is a group for all Metallica fans, old or new! You can Interact with other Metallica fans, get all the latest Metallica news, Parti te in polls and forums, download pictures, mp3s & full albums here!
A group for all you Metallica fans, old or new! Everyone is welcome! *Created By Metalb0y*

Star Anti-Society
if ya love Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, , Post , Metalcore and all other Metal THIS is the group for u...
if ya love Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, , Post , Metalcore and all other Metal THIS is the group for u...

Star Darkwave
oldscool & new goth allso metal or any rocker welcom or freak
any 1 like bands like bauhaus .nephilim . the sisters . christiandeath . alian s*x fiend etc . or bands like metallica or sabbath or hawkind

Star Blackheart
For any one who likes heavy metal rock and goth music

Star FFC-Acrush
Chinese Girl Group FFC-Acrush debuted on August 18, 2017Members - Lukeran, AnJunxi, Peng Xichen, LinFan, MinJunQian, Feng Yuxuan, Peng YiYangPlease Support their growing fan base ~


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