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Star DALAchannel
is all funny
join to on fun with DALA and let be happy

Star LinuxOs
Linux Operating System
Get, give or share info, files, links etc. regarding Linux Operating System... :-)

Star WebGraphicsWorld
Free Web Graphics!

Star MobileSoftware
Join us now to get lates mobile software
Yes its true , u can upload or download any mobile software , also u can ask about any thing regarding mobile apps .. u r all welcome to join & share

Star myalbumk

Star Tunnelers-Breakdown

Star Multimedia
Here u can fully download your phone

Star Chikwudi
Jesmion samson chikwudi (jsc) priest-jsc God's sent messenger!
Jesmion samson chikwudi (jsc) priestjsc God's sent messenger for you! 'chikwudi in its meaning is: 'God exist' what a precious name is Chikwudi! Chikwudi a name given to me by my parent 'ibekwe' when i was seven days old and on the eight-days i was circumcised according to Biafran custom, and was growing in the fear of God untill at the age of 30 when i fully working for God or rather God working by me, 'am jsc'

Star GermanDozenWaves
Lets control the earth with wave sending n retrieval-The dream of ourz neva die,it might delay...
A journey of a million miles begin just with a step...i always dreamt of finding out abt other solar systems. I know dat waves can do,so people lets try to explore other solar systems,planets n worlds with unbeatable waves. Work on computer n radio researches...b4 any1 joins, i will have to interview u.thanks

Star Ngonya
I like it
I like to share sms with other


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