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Star stargames
All-games version of the runestar group
Any games that do not fit the theme of runestar RPG group :3

Star Jon1
What's this

Star JavaGamers
Hacking, cracking, translating We talk about java here...Tell me java game you want to be hacked
We hack java games here And anything about java

Star Vicegroup
You can play games online free

Star Supergamer

Star TotalGaming
Total Gaming Official
Hi Gamers, I'mAJAY! Here you willsee me playing PCgames and MobileGames havingsome fun. Now Iam PlayingFree Fire.

Star Kombatants
For everything you love about mortal kombat
A place, a home, for all who love the world of mortal kombat. The realms are open to all

Star SegaMegaDrive
users talk about cheats and cool moves
we will be chating on SEGA(II) games and suggestions on gaming that will improve everyone gaming skills

Star games
if u luv games ur welcome
join and share the fun!

Star chesszugzwng
friendly bet games, chess puzzles, games review etcetera
welcome!we can play postal type chess with or without bets here. we have one week maximum alloted time per move. overdue means opponent wins. members can post topics, graphics, comments, and games all of chess. ongoing game move updates will be posted here and in myblog. u can choose which color u play. we can even play unlimited simultaneous games with one or member more opponents. best regards. :)


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