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Star GrandChasePh

Star RiseoftheShinobi
A Naruto rp
-in construction-

Star BattleNetwork
The best GBA RPG series!
This group is 4 fans of the Megaman BattleNetwork RPG series! We disscuss ur fav battle chip, reviews, etc.

Star RPGKingdom
Role Playing Game
Posted your RPG info in to this group..

Star RPG-fanz
RPG freaks,join us=D
I searched lotsa times for any RPG based group in prodigits but fail to find active one, so why cant i just make one my self,right?

Let Your Dreams Live.
A E R O is a group that focuses on the wonderful art of roleplaying. The best thing about it is that you get to do it on the go! I am creating a storyline for you all to enjoy and maybe roleplay it out with your very own characters.

Star only-4-rpg-freaks
This group is only 4 those who cannot live without rpg-s!
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooong description... ... ...

Star FF-Insanity
A forum about FF!

Star Warhammer40kWAR
A group for fellow players of games workshop like warhammer40k , warhammer and lord of the rings to talk about tactics and even arange games
For players of games workshop games like warhammer40k to talk about problems arange battles and other things to do with the games like painting tips

Star DragonClan
A group dedicated to the game Dragonfable. If you play, you may want to join

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