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Star Pokemaniacs
Pkmn discussions, tips, hints, gts and wi-fi trade, fc etc (all legitimate pkmn titles welcome)
Hey there fellow pokemaniac's, yes i know, another pokemon group.. Hea'z what i hope to do, i'd like to trade game hints and tips, discuss favourites and battle tactics, bragging rights over shiny pokemon caught or bred, contest tips.. Gamers of every legitimate pokemon title welcome. I'm also hoping to get some great links and pics as well, any ideas feel free to inbox me! Thankyou!

Star animal-crossings
A group for fans of the Animal Crossing games
A group for fans of the Animal Crossing games. Post any cheats, hints, help, questions or brags here

Star Poke-world
4 all u die-hard Pokemon fans
Ok well this group is 4 u Pokemon game fans!

Star nintendowii

hey ppl here we go with all my wii updates and reviews of upcoming nintendo wii games.

Star TheEdgeofInsanity
On the Edge, there's no room for the weak. * we have cool wallpapers in our files for your enjoyment ! *
A place to discuss anything concerning anything. Movies, music, and games, or anything generally entertaining . Preferrably, members that are willing to engage in intelligent debates, without bashing any person/s ideals or opinions. Have fun arguments? Please, I encourage all members to contribute, and check out our links and files. Be sure to check out our wall papers for your mobile device in the files section.

Star HarryPotterFans
this grp is to talk abt anything harry potter including games books and movies

Star DS-Web-Browser
For anyone who has it, wants to know about it, or is on it! ^_^
This is a start to a bigger community for DS Web Browsers, for the most part, it's a way to have users find out about projects for making sites for it.

Star nintendo-ds
nintendo ds owners

Star NintendoDS
This is Nintendo DS and DS lite group!
Hi all Nintendo DS (Lite) and Nintendo fans! Just post! Enjoy!

Star wii-wii
declare your uh... love... for nintendo. or something.
a group for nintendo fans everywhere. not that there are many anymore lol. just chat and have a giggle, don't take it too seriously and enjoy yourself!

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