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Star Zelda-lovers
This group is 4 those who love zelda games.

Star WiiCorner
A fun place for any Nintendo fan!
A fun place for Ninty fans to talk it up and discuss anything Nintendo! Please have fun and try to be polite. Thanks.

Star SimplyNintendo
Hyrule is our Kingdom, Wii are her knights... Long live Nintendo.
This Group is for all of the people that love Nintendo. Talk about everything here. Be it Game and Watch. 64DD. Virtual Boy. R.O.B. Mario. Zelda. Metroid or anything Nintendo. Have fun and Nintendo Forever.

Star gammingworld
it a lot of fun
it a nice place come and have fun

Star Gamesforever
I rule games.
mi nuh know bow u but games run bow yah.

Star player8cheatcodes
64 wii and other systems cheat codes ask in the forum
do u like 64, wii, and gameboys do u need cheats ask in the forum and i will give u what i can find no mater the system

Star NintendoFans

The group for the most popular videogames company in the world.

Star Pokemaniacs
Pkmn discussions, tips, hints, gts and wi-fi trade, fc etc (all legitimate pkmn titles welcome)
Hey there fellow pokemaniac's, yes i know, another pokemon group.. Hea'z what i hope to do, i'd like to trade game hints and tips, discuss favourites and battle tactics, bragging rights over shiny pokemon caught or bred, contest tips.. Gamers of every legitimate pokemon title welcome. I'm also hoping to get some great links and pics as well, any ideas feel free to inbox me! Thankyou!

Star animal-crossings
A group for fans of the Animal Crossing games
A group for fans of the Animal Crossing games. Post any cheats, hints, help, questions or brags here

Star nintendowii

hey ppl here we go with all my wii updates and reviews of upcoming nintendo wii games.

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