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Star halo3
a group for halo fans discuss your views
talk about halo 3 talk about how you like the game or any other halo games or maps that you have made on forge in halo 3

Star Oblivion
Elder scrolls games
Arena ,daggerfall ,morrowind and latest oblivion !

Star xbox360live
xbox live addicts
this is a new group please join if you wanna share gamertags gamerscore opinions, etc... etc... Group started 7november2008

Star X-rated360

tips and cheating tactics on Xbox 360 GAMES

Star Gamestarz
Gaming and tips
Welcome to the world of the gamer. Also links to game communities.;-)

Star f*g
fight against glitching
ever played a game and noticed somebody utilising a glitch to their advantage? ever wondered if there was anything that could be done about it? well join now if you care. we will be exploring the many popular online games to learn how to exploit and defend against these cheaters.

Star X-Box360Elite

This Group Is For Gamer Recomendations, I.e Games, Mods And Accesories

Star Assassinscreedfans
For gamers playing the xbox 360 version of assassins creed
Come and join the altaier commnunity... Topics, polls etc.

Star gtav-xbox360
chat about your favorite things about gta v on xbox 360.

Star Basanda
It is green in colour
It is green in colour and has greate content.

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