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GRAND THEFT AUTO-IV /4. XBOX 360, PS3 & PC cheats,Hints,tips trailers,news,facts,rumours & everything you need to know about GTA-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .NOTE: some topics contain images!
GRAND THEFT AUTO-IV also named grand theft auto 4, This is the GTA-IV FORUM! Everything you need to know News,facts,screenshots,trailers,spoilers,hints,tips,cheats,polls,links,downloads & more. For all you gamers out there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Note:some topics contain images. .

Star tips-n-cheats
OI YOU THERE! YOU LOOK LIKE A CHEAT TO ME! well why not join this group & learn to cheat games properly, what you waiting for click JOIN NOW!! .:1 YEAR OLD:.
every computer & console covered apple, pc, nintendo, sony playstation, xbox , 360, atari, sega, retro & many more. tips cheats guides latest news and so much more .

Star Phazonized
Random Gaming stuff
Random Gaming stuff. Topics vary alot.

Star Final-Fantasy
A group for Final Fantasy fans
A group for Final Fantasy fans

Star GamingWorld
Leave all your info about games here.
New Releases onXbox 360,PS3,PS2,PC,GamecubeW ii or what ever! leave here. Cheats>Combos>Walkthrough

Star atoz400
for everyone who wants to join in

Star Games-Express
The coolest group were gamers come 2gether 2 discuss bout gamez
Here gamers 4rm all round the globe come 2gether 2 cooperately discuss bout gamez on all consoles including mobile gamez. In this group you can also share ur knowledge bout game faqs,walkthroughs,cheats etc.Infact its all bout GAMES.

Star Gtaforall
Are you a gta fan then enter
This is only for gta fans like me and you have to play atleast two gta to enter

This group has plenty of cheats,hints,tips,stats ect for scarface on all platforms including new wii version..
This amazing multi platform game available on ps2, xbox,psp,pc and the Wii this group is for us scarface gamers its full of tips,hints,info,secrets,cheats,stats and anything about scarface enjoy! Also post your own tips,secrets,hints,cheats ect this wapgroup also has a chatroom to discuss anything about scarface.

Star pokemonfans
for all pokemon fans all ages
This Group Is To Talk Abt Anything Pokemon