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Because harassment shouldn't find refuge in the darkness

Star MusaliaMudavadi
Hitler set and achieved goals; so did Gandhi, the only difference what the choose to focus on. What we generally seek we find.

Star Z-zone
A zambian chat group.
Hey phabulous its happening ryt here in is flowing jst lyk bflow.get ready 2 blow our mindz away it wats happening in u'r town.let evry ne hear ur voice.let out wat u hav in store coz dis reality lets mak it live!

Star memorial
i lost my mum when i was 22 and my sis 2 years ago x i was told it would get easier and im still waiting because i miss them every day x maybe it would have helped if i had somebody to talk to at the time x well im here to offer u my shoulder and help in any way i can x

Star CleanAir
A new world order.....
Imagine there's no country, it isn't hard 2 do..... Nothing 2 kill or die 4 & no religion 2Folks, cm'on feel free 2 air ur CONSTRUCTIVE views. Let us truly do away wth dis rotten society; & build a world whr all of human race z FREE

Star familysearch

Group name is self-explanatory

Star VariousVids
tune in @ gc random tv on youtube
GC Random TV on youtube :)

Star Autisticparentgroup
Hi as a single parent with an autistic child , there isnt as much support,so this group is to support single parent families.

Star arezoo
grupi baraye baro bachehaye ba hal

Star xhamster
its a site on the net, check it out, 18+ only
if you like this site join this group. Discuss.

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