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Star XPEDclub
The best place for contemporary art
The best place for contemporary art and funny pictures

Star AnythingGothic
say wat u want when u want abt wat u want.
Short n sweet.

Star fashionshow
join to make ur drm cme on u cn bcme one
all thoz who wish ter knw wat z apenin in otha countries..otherz culture..n o thoz who lov fashionz n wna b supa models..l thk ts tym u learnt somthg abt either..n fnd out more abt the above..evryone z welcme n feel n xoxo.peace

Star Fashionistaz
For all the luvers of Fashion, glamour and beauty.From a South African fashionista im inviting u to join in this so hot group for mo info check in the long discription
I've started this group for all the fashionistaz out there.Basically this group is for everyone who loves fashion,make up and the latest trends.This space is open to creative thinking,designers and fashion gurus.Tips on the hottest things to put on be it itz clothes,make up,accesories are most welcome. So anyone interested in joining this HOT HIP group you're welcome to join in.

Star Jstforu
Jst for u
Me all kinds of pics

Star Funky
Dressing code defines our individuality! Be funky but stylish!! My advice dress up in ur way as long as it in you.."ART"
Most of us are tired of being judged according to the way we dress up! Im an african queen but people dont like my style! I DONT CARE!! we are tired of shaping into other peoples image of us "DO YOU!!" LET GET ST8 2 THE POINT OF OUR RED CARPET

Star Piercingandtatlov

It's an amazing sight to meet people with the love and understanding of tattoos and piercings. Where we can appreciate it!

Star Deaf
Only people can join is deaf or hard of hearing
Who people can sign language or born to be deaf

Star Skokolz
Vuma!! Vuma!! Vuma!! Hoza naba ngan bakho sizo groova kuze kuyo valwa! Galz no gossiping im ths pro u*mus b friendly.
Here we tok abt lv en many more bt we dnt wnt ppl 2 gossip

Star HighlyContagious
Fashion Label
This is a space where u can find out info about my fashion label.(prices,style,trends,colours.etc...).Virus is the name of the label,which is a brain child of Mawande Kweyi.The designer is originally from East London in a small township called eMbekweni, on the outskirts of Mdantsane(the second largest township in SA). It waz establised in 2005 @ the age of 21 hence the number 21 is a representative of the label on some garments.I design 4 the young at heart especially iiteenagerz and 20somethin...

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