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Star Raywestclassicadvi
For advice

Star AdviceClub
Hi people if u require any type of advice, pls join in n be a part of our team.. & lets make this club to be a worthy cause.
Hi friends! Pls join this advice club, Lets build up this advice club to help out the people in need... DJ Sam.

Star 1richygroup
needs an advice about our relation?
just be free to discuss any thing about ur relationship

Star RDG
dont be disheartened love will comeback

Star NotebookonLife
Inspirational quotes

Star Dr-Nicole
if u hav secrets an scared 2 tel ur friends,are do u like a guy or a girl but dont know how 2 tel them.or problems dont hesitate come an pour ur heart out
R u feeling lonly need sum 1 2 talk 2 . Look no further i Nicole will help u in any way as possible . contact me either at or inbox me.

Star The-Inspirations
A group that inspires by giving tips and facts about life through friendship and fun.
Get Inpired to move on in life being godly life, love life or social life. come get the tips. This is a room of Inspiring, Friendship and Fun. Inside here, be inspired by a friend. Let somebody look at you and be able to move on. Let your life inspired somebody. Never show the hurt inside. The ability to smile on the outside when you feel dying inside is the absolute strenght, wish you have one. Yea! join and develop that quality.

Star Weh8FAKES
name n shame fakes here in prod1g1ts
Goto topics and leave ur mark with users that are fakes. Just an information topic for people mainly for females.

Star milleniummarriage
what marriage is and ao 2 choose a partner
the purpose of marriage is not limited 2 procreation only.conjugal relationship is more than baby factory.

Star lovedillema
place of love advice comments questions inspirational love quotes and love tips
bring ur love dillemas or problems here to try and find a solution frm others. get or give love advice. share ur tips 4 both singles and loves. post ur comments. hit us wt an inspiration love quote to kip us inspired! thz a loveclinic but u can b th doc!


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