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Star ThePaganLand
a place for pagans
This is for all pagans tbf soon

Star Paganus
All hail those with open minds.
A place for all of free spirit to meet, chat and learn.

Star Necromancers
This is for begginer to advance practicioners of The Necronomicon (The book of the dead)
This is where real practicioners of The Necronomicon can chat and exchange info about the book and its spells or how to do them.But Beware Of The spells and book strange and dangerous events will occur and maybe death if not expireanced enough to handle such great power and evil.I warn all to be careful whom you give information or recieve.Make sure its acurate before attempting the spells and opening the 7gates. Lets unite and rule the dead.Enjoy your stay here.

This is the group of occult science which you will find lots of information.i will share and post everything there abt occult.
Occult:-supernatural belifs,practices,or events

Star Vampire4life
A sanctuary for vampires of old and new to meet and chat. All hail your dark lord, VICTOR.

Star VampiricAutrium
Warning, vampires only! Things said in this group are not for xtains or non vampires. If we catch u, we will hunt u down and your blood will b ous! U have been warned!

Star Darkestshadows
I know the dark like no other of my kind. I here the whispers in the shadows like no other, i speak with their tounghs and feel with their souls. I know wat most dnt try to know,i understand wat others dnt try to understand.

For people who arnt afraid 2 be different 4 jesus..
For people who arnt afraid 2 be different 4 jesus..ppl who r willing 2 risk their reputations so that they cn bec*m ambassadors 4 christ!

This sites purpose is to unite pagans of all traditional genre
In our pagan communities we have our own differances. So much so that at times we fail to recognize each others validity and traditions. We fail to embrace each other in this society of degenerate views.

Star DraconisSociety
society draconis aux modern vampire/or Order of the Dragon
TheOrder of the Dragon,Our online haven for Vampires Witches& our other kindred that's dedicated to all for the support and sharing of information. sanguinarians,psychics,hybrids,and non vampire are all welcome here.our focus is on enlightenment& education. with links to other Vampires...also visit us @

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