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Star DarkTranquility
This site is intended 2 connect people who share an intrest in controversial religions like wicca, vampirism and lifestyles like being a goth.
Just have fun! Express urself and talk 2 other ppl who share ur intrests. And if u hav questions or just wanna speak ur mind...feel free 2 do so. Blessed be:)

Star Maskinkoden
O-djurets osanningar i mattens och sprokets meningar.
Termer i o-djurets bemarkelse. Messt kent er 666 men talens sak er trosigveta logiken sager pi er guds gova men ip nummret er vems, for enda odjur jag kener till er menniskan och dess tal er o-djurets.

Star Wiccan
Magikal minded ppl
Just to exchange handy tips n info best places to get sum ect

Star Blessedbe
Pagan and wiccan and witch craft
For pagans wiccans new and old alike blessed be

Star SpellsandMagic
Learn Black & White Magic, Spells Casting, Dream Recall, Time Travel, Hypnotism, Candle Rituals, Ouija, Omens etc
Log on to

Star Church-of-satan
Spiritual advancement and occult knowledge(Do mind the group name though, it is an ERROR)
Never underestimate the power of the mind...Religion is only of the mind...Spiritual advancement is the main key in satanism...True spiritual satanism, i do not take satanism in an atheisticall approach nor do i conform to anton lavey's way...I follow my own path, a path of individualism...I am a law abiding citizen therefore i do not do sacrifice such as killing cats or make out satan to be in the mind nor do i look at satan as evil for he is my father, true creator of all...HAIL SATAN

Star BookOfShadowsInfo
Info for wiccans
This is a group dedicated to wicca and for people who want information to put into their Book Of Shadows/Grimoire

Star Witchcraft
Find help you need in the world of witchcraft.. We have been around for thousands of years,even before christianity.Being a witch is a gift,but even to one's that dont belive that this world holds many more marvels than anyone could possibly imagine, all
Come find out for yourself x

Star DarkSideOfHumanity
Welcome in a world that most people will never find.Welcome in the dark side of you.Take a look at the people around you!What can you see?Just slaves.They are are their own slaves.Free yourself.Leave the fake god ways.Join the DARK SIDE OF HUMANITY clan!

Star magickandpractice
A group for people interested in the occult who want to share ideas, opinions and spells. A friendly and non-judgemental group
For people interested in the occult who want to share ideas, opinions, spells, experiences etc. and who need any advice in their magickal practice. An open and non-judgemental group.


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