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Star BridgitsMantle
Celtic Diety and thier Lore and Myth
Pet project (bear with me) delving into the Celtic God/desses their origins and realms of expertise. Wouldn't it help you to invoke if you knew the history. Just like the Greek, Egyptians or Romans even African Mythology, we have our stories, lets tell them before they are lost forever!

Star SrpskaMISTIKA
Swi koji su zainteresowani dobrodoshli su. Ukljuchujutji i pomotj.
Astrologija. Narodna werowanja. Sujewerje. Weshtice. Wampiri. Magija. Duhowi. Nadprirodno... Ma swe neobjashnjiwo je subjekat

Star barofblood
a place for vamps
talk about the lust,basicaly anything u please to chat bout

Star LightOnThePath
A Centre for Fellow Travellers
Where we can share and discuss our journeys' thus far...offer support to keep our Light blazing brightly. Peace and Love Blessings

Star HOR
this is da true house of rose
this is a safe haven for all vampires and ne creature of da nite

Star MythsofRockolian
If you know of this greater power or want to know more, plz feel free to join. Ppl from all groups and cultures welcome.

Observation & restoration of identified dissorder of any kind tackling situation with the law of ACTION & REACTION.


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